New Year’s Eve 2011 ~ What a difference a year makes!

Last year Corey and I were alone in her hospital room. She couldn’t turn her head, move her arms and could only move her right leg. She couldn’t stand or speak.

Today she laughed, talked, stood and took a few steps with our help. We also had a major outing…we went to the movies to see Hugo. Corey even wore the 3D glasses and loved the experience.

I asked her what she’s wishing for in 2012. She wrote; to make food, make money (Sue will be glad to hear she wants to come back to work at the candy store!), go to New York, Delaware and the mall. She wants to walk, talk, eat and live. I asked her if there were any other wishes and she wrote “everyone be happy”.

The media has been broadcasting the year in review. Our year has certainly had its challenges but when we look back we remember the incredible people that made it so special.

Our neighbors and friends, always checking in on how we’re doing ready to help with anything we need. We are so grateful to everyone that helped with the renovations to our home, painting and building ramps. NLPC’s Project Rake building our deck and exterior ramp. We want to thank the plumber, electrician and carpenters for sharing their expertise. Our community volunteering and attending fundraisers, including our long distance supporters that helped us not only raise funds for medical bills but delivered supplies like cups and spoons for mixing medicine, laundry detergent and basic household paper products that help with Corey’s daily care. Our nurses, therapists and teachers ~ we couldn’t have a better team!

We’ve had tons of fun at the Beef & Beer, No Shave November, Cook for Corey, the Lions Club Bingo night, Care for Corey Spa days and massages, a Blue Rocks game, the ING race, Concerts by her Avon Grove senior class, community bands, Dan Orlando and Caitlin’s comedy nights. Our NY hockey family hosted Skate for Corey (special thanks to Suffolk County HS, the PAL league and the Rinx for the 1st and 2nd annual event. Buzzy you get a special shout out for manning the gift basket table and selling raffles everyday for a week before the event even happened, thank you!) There were Corey bracelets, candy boxes, Avon sales, Pampered Chef and Silpada jewelry parties. And to all of you that aren’t local, we are grateful for your letters of encouragement and forwarding Corey’s story to share with others that can join you in prayer on her behalf.

You all have helped more than you will ever know! Thank you, Corey’s progress is the direct result of the love, support, encouragement, guidance and prayer we received from each of you.
We hope you have good health, be happy and live each day to the fullest throughout the New Year! xoxo