Hi Everyone,

Corey has had her ups and downs again. As the week progressed we’ve noticed Corey gained new physical strength and advances but we’ve also noted some cognitive setbacks since the seizure last week. Prior to the last seizure, her writing/spelling was accurate except for a B/D reversal. This week, we’ve seen her struggling with her memory to recall words, confusion, short term memory issues and repetition of her answers as well as consistently misspelling her words as she communicates with her white board.

Unfortunately, each seizure can have both positive and negative affects on the brain. On one hand it can be an electrical shock to jump start the damaged areas and force re-connections. On the negative side it kills brain cells and can “cross wires” causing additional issues.

This being said Corey has made tremendous physical strides. In addition to opening her left hand, today she “walked” the furthest distance to date. We began in the living room on the matte. She walked to the threshold of the foyer; approximately 6-7 feet. Corey took a break by sitting in her wheelchair. We wheeled her into the foyer and set the chair straight towards the Kitchen. She stood and walked down the center hall of the foyer towards the kitchen. It is a 10 foot distance! Gillian was behind her and focused on weight shifting, posture and directions. Alice, OT, co-treated today with Gillian. She helped to manipulate Corey’s left foot/knee to release and step. Corey is very strong moving her right side independently and did a beautiful job following directions to help Alice with her left leg.

Corey today felt like a good day/bad day scenario. It was a very emotional day which I have come to realize is the culmination of the last several weeks. Guess what…that’s normal. It’s okay to be sad, frustrated, mad and just plain fed up. I love the saying that the best pity party is when you have the only invitation. Well guess what? We have a stack of invitations so we don’t’ get stuck in that frame of mind. The next several days will be filled with more visitors to keep you entertained, happy and stimulated. Let’s not forget that every party needs music to dance to as well. I think a little Glee Karaoke is in order for tomorrow’s attitude therapy! Keep smiling honey, you’re doing great!!!! xoxo