Hi Everyone,

Corey is working hard and I’m happy to report another first. This afternoon she not only moved her left arm, she opened her left hand (delayed but on command) and she didn’t cheat with the right hand helping the left! It wasn’t a reflex move either…she repeated it twice!

Tomorrow we head north. We are having a mini-Palamara reunion at my sister Louise’s house. A Christmas Party for Corey! We will be with family all weekend and head home on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, for those of you on Long Island, the 2nd annual Skate for Corey will be held at the Rinx Sunday night December 11th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. This year, the money raised will also benefit the Dr. Patrick J. Dineen Memorial Foundation which makes improvements to cancer centers on Long Island. This past week the foundation purchased 22 IPad 2’s for patients to use to help pass the time as they receive their chemotherapy.

We are very disappointed that we can not attend this year’s event. Unfortunately we can’t extend our visit to Monday and the evening start time is too late for Corey. If we attend and headed home from the Rinx it would add another 2 hours to her overall trip home.

You know the saying; if the mountain can’t come to Mohammed, than Mohammed will go to the mountain…Mohammed now skypes! We will be home by 6:30pm and plan to skype Corey into the event so she can watch the skating and raffles. We are happy that our Long Island hockey family will get to visit with her live.

I am planning on bringing my laptop with me but as busy family visits usually go, I may not post until Sunday night. We wish you a fun weekend, decorating, xmas shopping or just relaxing. Happy dreams, xoxo

Skate for Corey,
Sunday December 11th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
The Rinx
660 Terry Road
Hauppauge, NY 11788