The Christmas season is in full swing and I’m so happy to have you home. I know that you like to be the keeper of the traditions but on Thanksgiving, (while you were asleep), JohnPaul and Caitlin decided that we’re starting all new traditions this year.

Having you home, witnessing each new achievement, we feel as if we are all starting a new life with you. So this year we’re changing everything including how we decorate inside and outside; a fresh look and a fresh perspective. It’s a renaissance year!

Renaissance means rebirth or reawakening. I can’t think of a more accurate word to describe you and our family.

I want to share part of a letter that was sent to us today. It’s from a woman that is 8 years into her recovery from a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. She has healed from her accident and is living a full life. She is an amazing example of hope and she feels the same way about you.

She wrote;
To be brave, to be bold, to be strong these are things that take not only inner strength but outer strength. Great support from people around us form that bond and that level of trust to go deeper within ourselves and see what we always had but maybe overlooked.

You may have overlooked these characteristics in the past but let me assure you; these and many others are revealing themselves every day. Happy dreams, xoxo