Hi Everyone,

Have you ever been to an amusement park that bragged to have the ultimate roller coaster? They have great names like shockwave, boomerang, twister, renegade or fireball. In a matter of minutes the ride will twist, turn, spin, dip, drop suddenly then rise to enter a black out tunnel. Your excited, terrified, anxious, nauseous and out of breath waiting for the brakes and when it comes to a sudden stop, it’s not over…you get to ride again!

Our roller coaster’s name is Corey Beattie! It’s been a weekend of high High’s and low Low’s. Friday night after the show, Corey was exhausted but unfortunately was physically sick from the ride home initiated by her medications. She was over stimulated and it took her a while to settle down and truly fall asleep. Saturday was the event hangover. She was very tired but managed to work through the morning then crashed for the afternoon and evening. Saturday through today our ride took some twists and severe dips. Corey was up at 3am as we worked through the night helping her with her mouth pain. She was moaning and complaining more than I’ve ever heard her to date. As the day progressed she was on an upswing. In fact, she jumped the rails!

Late afternoon she wrote that she was hungry. She asked for Vanilla Pudding. She ate a significant amount; about a quarter of a Jello Snack Pack. I encouraged her to tell me when she was ready for more by verbally asking for each taste along with signing “More”. She did very well communicating especially her final request; when asked if she was ready she spoke her response “one more” as she held up her pointer finger to show me the number. To hear her not only ask for what she wanted but to make the clear connection to ask, tell the specific request and follow through with the analytical thought process is HUGE!

After her snack, we brought her into the living room to workout on the matte. As we played soccer and volleyball, she looked across the room and pointed to the standing frame. She wanted to stand up. This surprised me because of the extreme discomfort Corey had expressed not only from this morning but most of yesterday as well. My philosophy is ‘if she has an interest, “No” is not in our vocabulary’. She took the lead and I followed. The payoff; Corey set a new record to report…19 minutes in the standing frame! She more than doubled her last reported time.

Corey our life these days is exactly like a roller coaster. You wait in line for what seems like forever. Finally you get on. It starts off fast and furious. There is a rush of emotions and feelings you’ve never known before. Just when you’re getting adjusted to the experience, you whirl around a sharp corner and everything changes. The ride slows down, than gets fast again, faster than the minute before. You climb up, fall down, it gets dark, then bright, then dark and bright again. The wind and speed take your breath, water sprays your face, it’s cold, then hot, then perfectly comfortable then everything changes again. You get tired. You get excited. You never know what exactly is next yet you learn to enjoy and deal with whatever comes along the next curve or straightaway.

This is no amusement park ride. It’s our life. It’s real, it’s here, it’s now, and it is filled with highs and lows. It’s difficult and wonderful. You continue to surprise me. Just when I least expect it, you jump the rails and show me something new. Our ultimate ride is all about the possibilities. You show me what determination, patience and tenacity can achieve. I’m so proud of you.

I do have a small request I’d like you to consider. You and I have always paired up for the dare devil rides in every park we’ve ever gone to. The bungee hamster ball ride and the double shot parachute drop to name a few. Don’t misunderstand me; I’m still signed on for the thriller rides, but could we try the Ferris wheel soon?
Just think about it…. xoxo