Hello everyone! My mother tried to bribe me with groceries and a ride back to Philly to write the page tonight. I refused explaining that I already told all of my jokes today. Then she threw in washing/drying/FOLDING my laundry, sooo here I am. But word of caution, this is the bottom of the barrel.

If you hadn’t heard, we had a fantastic night. Dan Orlando, local legend, preformed at the Kennett Flash, and I opened for him. SOLD OUT show, a room filled with friends, family, music and laughs.

I really admire Dan for his creativity as a composer and his courage to sing in public. The closest I’ve ever come to singing in public has been in the shower with the window open. (you’re welcome Philadelphia) The following are 7 reasons why I could never be a musician:

1. I get car sick. Long rides on the tour bus would be painful.
2. I’m allergic to sequins, pleather, and spandex – limiting costume availability.
3. Underpants make me uncomfortable. If dedicated fans threw them on stage I wouldn’t be able to handle it.
4. Fire makes me anxious, pyrotechnics are out. Lasers too.
5. Head banging gives me vertigo and unmanageable hair.
6. I don’t play any musical instruments (well)
7. More then 30 minutes on stage and I begin to sweat like a man. Not attractive.

But seriously, I’m so thankful to Dan Orlando, his family, and the Flash for organizing this event. Corey had a blast! She was dancing, tapping her toes, and smiling the whole time. When we got home it took her about 3 minutes to pass out. Little miss party pants, you know her, she can’t pass up a good party. What a fun night, I was so happy to be a part of it.

Sleep tight.
xoxo Caitlin