Hi Everyone,

We had a few good moments today and Corey had a more successful Speech session. We shared the details of our Karaoke evening with Diane. I also informed her of an article and case study I found on Music Therapy. I’ve begun to sing several phrases and familiar childhood songs with Corey. As we sing, Corey taps her hand to the word and in some cases, syllable per word. There actually is a 6 week course specifically designed for this type of therapy. Diane has used Melodic Intonations as a means to help stroke victims regain their ability to speak. She sang a functional phrase to Corey and then Corey would tap and sing the phrase back to Diane. With each trial, Corey’s voice became louder; each word had increased clarity as well as increased accuracy in the formation of the words. It was very exciting. I am going to continue to study this to work with Corey and we will be utilizing this in future sessions with Diane.

Overall, her PT and OT sessions also improved in comparison to yesterday. Corey did become agitated for several hours this afternoon; however, as soon as I broke out the cake mix she was all smiles! We made holiday cupcakes. Tomorrow we will be decorating them using the inspiration from Hello Cupcake. I will add a photo if they turn out well.

Speaking of tomorrow, its November 30th…for those of you participating in No Shave November, tomorrow is the big shave off! For those of you that don’t remember the story from last year or haven’t heard of this tradition yet allow me to explain. Corey was a member of a competitive cheerleading team (ESPN style cheering not sideline cheering). Corey created No Shave November inspired by the Phillies not shaving during the playoff season; a superstitious ritual to win the World Series. The girls wouldn’t shave their legs for the month of November to prepare for what they hoped would be a winning competition season beginning the first weekend in December. Practice became a bit “prickly” so the girls would go to the gym with baseball tube socks (so they could continue working with each other and not touch hairy legs especially as they practiced their pyramids).

November 30th began with just a few girls, but as traditions typically catch on it quickly grew to almost a dozen of the senior girls shaving at our house…ALL in the same bathroom! This tradition continued last year in Corey’s honor as a fundraiser. Each participant arrived with razor, cream, towel and bucket to the gym and paid $5/leg to shave. Tomorrow is the 2nd annual Shave off for Corey but this year its back at our house and Corey will be participating. Thank goodness we have the handicapped shower and larger bathroom! We’ll celebrate the new season with clean legs and cupcakes.

There are several participants that won’t be able to join us; however, they’ve recently sent “before” photographs including several guy friends that have been sporting longer hair and beards. The guys have even managed to get their new dorm mates to join them as well. We hope they will be sending us the “after” shots. Corey may have inspired a new fundraising ritual. Susan G. Koman has a 60 mile walk…Corey has No Shave November!

Corey there were many difficult moments today but there were a few more good moments than there was yesterday. You did a great job working through them and we even managed to laugh a little today. Sleep well; tomorrow is a busy day with therapy, cake decorating, singing and the big shave off! The sheets will feel great tomorrow night!! Happy dreams, xoxo