Hi Everyone,

Corey continues to surprise us. This morning’s speech session focused on numbers and multi-syllable phrases. Corey had no issues with her number recognition. She was required to spell the numerals instead of writing the individual digits. She correctly identified and spelled single and double digit numbers. It was too easy so we threw in a ringer; 1,068. She nailed it…she not only recalled the spelling but remembered the sequencing.

Diane moved onto phrases. Stating the phrase once, Corey had to recall and transpose. ‘Keep the Faith’ – 3 syllables; ‘Benefit of the doubt’ – 6 syllables; ‘Hit a Brick Wall’ – 4 syllables and so on. Corey did very well recalling up to 6 syllables 70% of the time. 7 syllables challenged her and towards the end of her ½ hour session she began to show fatigue. This was evident by her recalling 2 words of the 4-6 syllable phrases as well as a few spelling errors.

This exercise exceeded Diane’s initial expectations. She was so impressed she just had to ask Corey some additional questions. ‘What is the capital of Pennsylvania’? Corey hesitated and wrote phonetically, Penn – syl- van- ia. Diane asked again including a prompt, ‘It begins with an H’; she wrote ‘Harrisbirg’(she mis-spelled burg). ‘Where does the President live’; white house. ‘Where is the white house’; Washington. (Yesterday she identified the Presidents name after hearing the initial prompt, ‘Barack’…Corey wrote Obama).

Diane can’t WAIT to go back to Insurance with these progress notes!!

Gillian, PT, was on vacation last week. She returned today and Corey surprised her with the advancement of her trunk control, balance and strength. In fact, she was so impressed we now have the green light to get Corey on a horse!! I will go out next week to look at the stables in our area and choose a facility that offers Equestrian therapy. We commented that it seemed to take such a long time to hit the 4 minute mark but once she did, she’s accelerating and blowing away each of the subsequent balance challenges.

My sister Louise and her daughter Casey arrived late this afternoon for a visit. Their visit has a purpose. We are having a closet intervention. My clothes closet! ‘What not to wear’ because it’s too big due to my new stress diet. Before the accident, Corey had a ‘what not to wear’ intervention focusing on what was outdated (yes, I still had sweaters with shoulder pads in the closet). Needless to say we should have filmed “our” episode! Louise carried all my outdated clothes down to Corey,modeled them and she, Casey and Corey were hysterically laughing! (Frankly, so was I)

After the fashion show we sat for dinner. Once again, Corey surprised us. She reached forward, took my fork off the plate, turned the fork sideways and began to cut my chicken! I asked her what she wanted and she said “EAT”. Wait until Uncle Tom hears she went for the chicken! Maybe she doesn’t remember she was a vegetarian for the last 7 years?

This is the first time she’s shown this response. It also surprised me because of the pain she’s coping with from the thrush. We were told that when a patient was ready, they would show interest in food and she definitely did. I have been keeping jarred baby food in the cabinet for just this moment. Corey picked pears to try. She took 3 very small spoonfuls, made a chewing motion and successfully swallowed!!! On her fourth try, she began to choke a bit but worked through it. I can’t wait to tell Diane in the morning. Corey may be ready for a swallow study.

Honey each day you show us something new physically and cognitively. I never know what to expect or how our day will go. Most days it’s like a roller coaster with multiple highs and lows. What a ride! Each day you are getting stronger and recalling more. Each day is more thrilling as we anticipate what you’ll show us next. The end of the ride is definitely going to justify the price of admission! Uncle Tom will bring the hot dogs…
PS-tomorrow Caitlin, Casey, Lousie and I will be shopping for some updated clothes so you won’t continue to be embarrassed that your mother looks like she joined the circus, xoxo