Hi Everyone,

It was a good but tiring day. I’m noticing that the day after a “BIG” day Corey is wiped out!

Brittany arrived for morning OT and the girls had a good session. She was asking Corey leading questions recounting her birthday activities, including her visitors. When Brittany asked who came in from Philadelphia, Corey clearly said “JohnPaul” and tried “Caitlin”…the hard C and T are still tricky but the “lin” came through loud and clear!

Corey had a much better PT session today. Jen reported that Corey loosened up quickly, was able to stretch without any pain and sat on the side of the matte unassisted for 2 ½ minutes! That’s a first! When Jen asked Corey if she was ready to stand, Corey spoke “I’m ready”. Those are the two most inspirational words ever spoken!!

Corey was very tired tonight. She doesn’t typically sleep in the early evening but she slept soundly for 2 hours. When Corey woke up we had a skype call from Selina. The girls chatted for over an hour…just like they always did! Selina read Corey her facebook posts for her Birthday. I was amazed at how many notes there were. It took over 25 minutes for Selina to get through the list. Corey smiled the whole time. Aine, another friend from grade school, posted a video Birthday message. Corey loved it and waved…I think she thought we were on skype with Aine too! After reading the facebook posts we moved onto the carepage. Corey was so happy to hear everyone’s letters. I asked her what she’d like her status to be and she wrote; TY I love you

It was an overwhelming feeling to hear from all of you and her friends. I am amazed at the love and friendship that surrounds this young woman. I’m also convinced that it gives Corey the connection she needs to keep fighting her way back to us all. I wish you could have watched her face as she listened to each name and message. Her eyes light up, she attempts to vocalize when she hears from her closest friends and the most exciting was to see her laugh as she remembered the inside jokes that were referred to by some friends.

Thank you so much for your love, support and friendship. Many of you have written that Corey is inspiring you; helping you through your daily trials. You have no idea how much you are helping her. I am so grateful she has all of you! xoxo