Hi Everyone,

Today was a fun day. Corey had the best speech session to date. It was so impressive I video taped the session to document her progress. It is truly amazing to see the changes in her from one month to the next.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a good PT session. In fact, it was the worst I’ve seen in awhile. Corey’s tone has increased on her left side. Today as Gillian was stretching with Corey, her muscles seized behind her thigh, just above the knee as well as the upper thigh where it joins the torso. Her pain was shooting straight up through her leg into her groin. Corey was crying out in pain. It’s natural to think, ‘okay stop stretching the muscle if she’s in that much pain’; but we can’t…not stretching is causing the muscles to lock up. It’s heartbreaking to watch Corey work through this and trying to communicate with us when she can’t express herself except to scream, scratch, hit and bite. It was a very tough session. I was so proud of Corey pushing through the session. She continued the stretches, sat on the edge of the matte and tried standing three times. This is one tough kid!

Corey’s PT was exhausting for her. The good news is she took a long nap which was just what she needed to rally for the rest of the day. We brought her into the shower and used warm compresses on the areas that were causing her trouble earlier. That was the ticket. By the time her spa session was over, she was relaxed and could fully extend her left leg.

Today was Corey’s monthly appointment with her Primary Care physician, Dr. B. When we set the appointment last month, Dr. B deliberately asked if we’d take the last appointment of the day. I didn’t think anything of the request because she likes to spend time with Corey and doesn’t like to rush her visit. When we arrived we realized Dr. B actually had an ulterior motive. She and her staff greeted us at the door singing Happy Birthday. If that wasn’t surprise enough, they all escorted us back to the exam room which was decorated with streamers, balloons, pennant banners, confetti, a cake with candles and a large basket filled with Spa accessories! As we walked in they all yelled, Surprise! (Check out the gallery photo) They told us that they actually decorated two days ago and hadn’t used the exam room so the decorations wouldn’t be ruined. How special are these professionals? Now you know why we love our Dr B and her office staff!

We headed home to meet the kids. JohnPaul and Caitlin drove out from Philly and John joined us for Corey’s birthday dinner. The second Corey saw the kids, she started laughing and didn’t stop until they had to leave to head back. We didn’t get a chance to sit and read any notes on the computer but in our family when you’re birthday is near the weekend, we stretch it out and celebrate for days! I can’t wait to read your notes with Corey tomorrow and check out her facebook too.

Corey, One year ago tonight you were in surgery to place a rod in your right femur. You definitely had a better day today! Last year your friends sat in a circle in the cafeteria of the hospital telling their favorite Corey stories. Tonight you were taking phone calls from your family and laughing with JohnPaul and Caitlin. You are an amazing young woman. I would label your 18th year as the year of Strength. Today begins your 19th year. Who can say what this year will bring. I can tell you with great conviction; NO ONE can label you Corey Beattie. You continue to surprise and surpass the expectations of the most educated and experienced professionals!

Happy Birthday Corey. I hope all your wishes come true this year, xoxo