Hi Everyone,

Caitlin, you are a riot! I’m sure that one of those ideas will work but in the meantime I’m happy to announce that a combination of the more “traditional” means of fundraising and the generous donations from friends and family has enabled us to purchase a standing frame for Corey. It arrives tomorrow! For those of you who don’t know what a standing frame is, let me try to give you a description.

The standing frame looks like a chair with a high back. It has knee pads that swing in front of Corey’s legs. It has hip and lumbar supports as well as a seat belt and chest strap for stability. We transfer Corey from her wheelchair to the seat of the standing frame. Lock the knee pads into place, secure the safety straps and use a pump lever on her right side to pump the seat to a standing position. Once Corey is standing, there is a tray table that swings into place for her to either lean on and/or use as a work surface. I will post a picture tomorrow night.

The frame will enable Corey to begin to bare weight throughout her feet and legs. We will have to build her tolerance with a few minutes a day but eventually she could easily stand for at least an hour. This frame will help her on so many levels; most importantly to gain the strength needed to take her first steps towards walking!

Today was Corey’s best day this week. The nurse reported that Corey worked well with the therapists and completed each of her sessions for the full amount of time. Not only did her stamina increase but she also had a pleasant disposition all day!

Corey was in rare form tonight. She has begun to roll onto her side. She’s also discovered the buttons that control the head and legs of the bed. She thinks it’s fun to push the buttons and have the bed move up and down.

She was in a very silly mood tonight. We watched the Phillies but between innings she began to use hand motions to the songs in the commercials; which also included high kicks with her right leg. I encouraged her to lift and kick her left leg. Before long, she not only lifted her ankle an inch off the bed, she also bent her left knee lifting it off the bed as well. The Phillies might have lost in St. Louis but Corey definitely hit a Grand Slam in New London!

Corey what a fun night! It felt great to laugh out loud with you. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and can’t wait until tomorrow when your new stander arrives. You’ll be standing and swinging your rally towel in no time! Sleep well; tomorrows a big day. Happy dreams, xoxo