Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe we’re almost at the one year mark. In many ways it still seems surreal. Whenever there is a major event either good or bad, it’s common to replay the moments that surround that event. When the experience is good, the memories evoke joy and literally produce endorphins. When it’s bad, the memories are actually part of the healing process. Often times, it’s natural, to suppress those memories however denial only prolongs the pain. This weekend is very emotional as you can imagine.

Although I can recall each detail of the days leading to the night of the accident as well as each subsequent day, the memories of the last year that stand out with the most clarity is each small milestone of Corey’s recovery. This has been a year of healing, growth and education in so many ways for all of us. I think of the changes that have occurred not only for Corey but for me as well.

They say that a picture can speak 1,000 words. As I look at Corey’s early pictures compared to her most recent; I’d say a smile is worth a 1,000 words. Her smile speaks volumes. She is happy, healthy, determined and motivated. She inspires me as she pushes herself daily to work hard towards reclaiming her independence.

Corey had her best day of this week. Diane, our speech therapist, reported that Corey spoke some new words. We are “hearing” Corey when she exhales as she says a word. Brittany, school OT, and Alice, insurance OT, are noticing a greater range of motion in Corey’s shoulders and progress with some independent self care. Gillian, insurance PT and Jen, school PT, are thrilled with the progress Corey has gained with strength, flexibility and mobility. Her best report came today from Jen who saw some new movement with her left leg. She placed her hand under Corey’s left leg for support and Corey kicked her leg! Tonight I witnessed Corey lift her left knee more than I’ve seen her move it to date. She couldn’t lift it completely but it was a start; she lifted it about 3” off the mattress. Over all she was much happier, calmer and her temperament was very pleasant today. We love her smile and thumb up when we ask her if she’s proud of herself.

Corey this weekend closes the first chapter of your new life. Tomorrow we will celebrate your first year with the community you grew up with. There are hundreds more that are too far away to be with you but can’t help but smile just thinking of you surrounded by local friends and family. Your fight to heal has inspired joy and hope in so many. You are an amazing young woman and we can’t wait for you to write the next chapter! xoxo