Hi Everyone,

We made it back in for the race! I added a dozen new pictures of Corey and her cousins/runners.

Christy managed to get us a VIP/Media parking pass. I don’t know how she pulled it off but we were parked at the finish line so we didn’t have to maneuver the streets of Philadelphia and fortunately by arriving at 9:30 we didn’t have too much trouble getting around the crowds.

The most memorable part of the day was Corey’s smile. From the moment we arrived, she was beaming. As we maneuvered the crowd, some passers-by would suddenly give us an unusually broad smile. It was happening so frequently, I stopped pushing Corey and looked at her wondering ‘what are these people looking at that is causing this reaction’. Corey never looked happier, she was excited to be at the race and her smile was contagious! Every person we passed responded to her energy and smiled back at her.

After about an hour, Corey looked as if she was in a little pain. I asked her how she felt. She wrote, “My face is sick”. “Your face is sick??” She wrote “Sore”. “What’s sore”? She wrote, “My cheeks”! We cracked up…her face hurt from smiling all afternoon. That’s the most wonderful complaint of pain I’ve ever heard!

I learn something new every time I take Corey on an adventure. Today’s lesson was Noise. Note to self: bring the Boise earphones when Corey goes into an area with large crowds. She handled it well but there were moments that it was obvious that she was in pain from the announcers and the live concerts…we moved away from the main arena when Guns and Roses took the stage!

Corey it was a great day! You handled last night and today so well. Even though I worry about you every minute of every day I won’t let that stop us from living our lives close to the way we did a year ago. The difference is our planning. It might take us a little longer, we might have to carry a few extra “god forbid” bags that contain extra clothes, meds, etc. but we’re packing those bags as often as we can kiddo. I haven’t felt as happy as I did today watching you enjoy yourself. When we arrived home I asked you if you thought today was too much for you. You not only shook your head but verbally spoke, “NO”. I asked you if you wanted to go out on another adventure soon and you wrote, “Yes, the mall”. Your birthday is just a few weeks away…I think it’s time to do a little shopping! Happy Dreams, xoxo