Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. Tonight she had a visit from Kristen; one of her girlfriends from her cheerleading days. The girls had a great time. Kristen visited Corey regularly in Christiana and Bryn Mawr but hasn’t had the opportunity to come by since we’ve been home. She was amazed at the changes in Corey. The first thing Corey did was smile, wave and say Hi to Kristen! Her comment, “I read the carepages but seeing her in person is so different! It’s so much better”!

Kristen loves that Corey can write her answers to communicate. The girls chatted and gossiped for hours. They were texting other friends and even made a few calls to some. They were browsing Facebook and planning some day trips. We asked Corey what she wanted to post on facebook. Her response ~ “Love Life”. Great status! What a fun Girl’s night xoxo