Hi Everyone,

This weekend was relaxing and reflective. Sometimes it’s imperative to step back, shut down and allow the world to spin without you.

Corey had a good weekend overall. We are facing some challenges that we are choosing to look at as all good progress. She is becoming hypersensitive to certain stimuli including some lighting, sound and touch. Her reactions have escalated to ‘temper tantrum’ status. She is exhibiting some impulsive negative behavior and not unlike when she was younger, we need to discipline her; “re-training” her as to what’s appropriate and inappropriate behavior. This being said her defiant, impulsive, agitated outbursts are reflective of further cognitive development. In many ways she’s demonstrating advanced strategic thinking! (How’s that for a positive spin on negative behavior?) As you can imagine, patience can be challenging coupled with physical and emotional fatigue.

Just when I begin to feel weary from our “typical” day I find a reading that reenergizes my spirit, which in turn helps me to encourage Corey.

Today’s reading; September 6, 2011
Life moves forward

The challenges show you how powerful and effective you can be when you must be. The positive possibilities give you satisfying and fulfilling ways to make use of your strength.

The difficult times help you to more fully appreciate what you have. The good times help you to see how much joy is possible.

The disappointments bring you valuable, meaningful and useful experience. The successes give you the confidence to reach even higher.

Those who criticize you offer you priceless feedback and important new perspectives. Those who appreciate what you’ve done give you the encouragement to do even more.

No matter which way the individual events may go, life moves forward. From each and every experience and outcome, there is something of value to be gained.

Instead of worrying or judging or obsessing about what may or may not come, accept and appreciate what does come. Then, with a strong and thankful heart, make good and purposeful use of it all. ~ Ralph Marston

This message is just what Corey and I needed to read today. Before I left for work, I asked her how she was feeling. She wrote ‘Bad’. When I pressed her further she continued that she was mad she wasn’t better. Then I reminded her of her accomplishments in just the last 4 days!

Corey’s speech is progressing. Last week she could only form the middle vowel and ending consonant of a word. This weekend she was pronouncing the beginning, middle and ending sounds for some of her words.

If Corey can gain control of her breath she will be speaking more clearly. Certain words are becoming stronger everyday; Home, You, NO, How (are) you. For the first time she can say the Long “E”. Now we are working on her name (the initial sound of hard C is not there yet but her mouth formation for the ‘OR’ and ‘EY” is)

I was reading a cooking magazine to her. As I became interested in the recipe, I forgot I was reading out loud and began reading silently absorbed in the directions. Corey called out, “MOM”! At first I was startled and then smiled; overjoyed she was calling my name to get my attention. She obviously was interested in the recipe too!

Corey is beginning to move her left arm. She now wiggles her left toes and flexes her ankle throughout the entire day. We are beginning to see her kick her left leg when she’s in her wheelchair too. That is brand new!! When I returned home tonight there was a note from Jen her school physical therapist. Corey held her posture and sat independently at the edge of the matte for 15 seconds! Another first.

Honey each of these examples is celebrating what IS coming! You are making this happen. When the therapists ask you if you want to ‘take a break’ you get angry and press on. That is a tribute to your strength, determination and refusal to stay trapped. You are working hard each day to continue to move forward. To live your life! xoxo