Hi everyone,

We were supposed to go to Long Island this weekend but Irene had other plans for us. Unfortunately, in preparation for LI we rearranged the nursing schedule and it was too late to switch it back to our usual schedule. So; I’m on duty for the 12-8 shift for the weekend. I will have a nurse tomorrow during the day so I can run any last minute errands and hopefully catch up on some sleep. I’m not hopeful that we’ll have help on Sunday, but we’ll worry about that then.

Speaking of preparations; we have water for Corey’s feeding tube flushes, the tub is filled for washing out Corey’s linens and she has plenty of medication as well as her formula for the feeding tube. If we lose power Corey’s bed will deflate but I have the exercise matte prepared with an egg crate, blankets and bolster’s to keep her elevated to 30 degrees. I also have a charger in my car to recharge her feeding pump and suction machine if I have to. We have alerted the local fire and rescue department of her condition so “God Forbid” something happens; she will be on the top of their response list. Just in case, Corey’s van will be filled with gas and backed up to the garage as well. For me I have milk, cereal, apples, cheese, peanut butter and jelly and ice for a cooler in case I have to chill the perishables. Candles are ready…so are we! If I don’t post, don’t worry; chances are we don’t have power.

When I returned home tonight after work, Corey said, “hi” and then asked “how are you”? It wasn’t perfectly clear but I could definitely figure out what she said. I was so surprised! The report from the nurse is that Corey and Diane were working on phrases today. The more phrases Corey tried, the more excited she got and wanted to keep talking! Corey and I were cooking tonight and I had to run into her room for a towel. She couldn’t see me from where she was sitting and she called out, “HEY! Where are you”? When she called out I recognized the Hey, are and you but didn’t know what the second word was she was trying to say. In watching the formation of her mouth, I figured out it was “where”. She was all smiles and I asked her if she thought I left her. She attempted to say yes. I assured her I wasn’t going anywhere, she’s stuck with me!

We hope you all will be unaffected by Irene. Stay dry and safe! Time to get back on duty, xoxo