Hi Everyone,

Well, I spoke too soon; Corey woke up with a wicked migraine! I must say, this young woman is truly an athlete. Today’s schedule was very full and Corey didn’t miss one opportunity to keep moving forward.

She woke at 6am, rested until just before 10am when her speech therapist arrived. They worked for an hour. Corey scored 100% accuracy reading cards without the picture visual cue cards. Diane is also trying to figure out her visual field limitations.

At 11am PT arrived. The ladies went into the living room for an hours workout. Corey really pushed her self. Despite her headache and muscle strain, when asked if she was ready to stop, she would give the NO sign and hold up the number of fingers indicating the number of additional reps she was ready to do.

12 to 1pm was rest time but Corey sat in bed with her eyes wide open. In fact, she kept pointing towards the back deck as if she wanted to get up and out. So she did. The nurse took her outside for some fresh air.

2:30 second speech therapy of the day. Main focus was on swallowing.
4:45 last PT therapy for the day. Corey did an outstanding job sitting on the edge of the matte to practice balance, as well as stretching showing increased range of motion and flexibility. They closed the session with 10 steps towards her chair.

Tonight, our neighbors popped in as they were out for their evening walk. Connor is 10 years old. Corey was his mom’s “Mother’s Helper” when she was 8. Corey was Connors first and only babysitter for many, many years. We asked Corey to say “hi” to Connor. She not only said “Hi” she repeated it several times. Connor was amazed. He never expected Corey to speak to him. Connor wrote his name on the dry erase board so Corey could copy it. He never expected her to not only write it, but write it clearly and correctly!

I don’t remember who said, “Out of the mouths of babes” but they were correct in Connor’s case. Connor looked at me after Corey said Hi and stated; “you know; Corey’s accident has to make her start all over, like she’s just born” “She has to learn letters, how to read, talk, all of that.” Connor continued; “but the really good thing is; she doesn’t have to go through all that school again”! We assured him Corey was already “in school” working hard, re-learning all that school stuff and then teaching us what she knows; but we all agreed that she’s lucky she doesn’t have to go through all that school again! xoxo