Hi Everyone,

Corey had a busy day but no headache; first time in 4 days.

She started her day early at the University of Delaware. The therapists are considering vestibular therapy treatments for Corey’s continued vertigo. The team may also try some casting for her ankles. Before they jump into a walking program, they want to step back and work on her flexibility. The muscles at her ankles and feet are increasing in tone (tighter and less flexible/pliable) If a patient does not get enough therapy or weight baring exercises the muscles stiffen and then the joints lock up. The good news is, although the muscles are toning and showing spasticity, the joints are tight but still mobile. In other words, we are catching it before it gets worse! The therapists will be focusing on stretching, weight baring, casting and then walking.

We have a follow up appointment with Dr. Long on Friday. We have several points to discuss including a follow up consult with the Dr. that gave Corey her nerve blocks. My list of discussion topics is growing. Above all is the anticipation of seeing his expression at what Corey has accomplished since we last saw him just one month ago. FYI ~ We are redefining “functional plateau”.

Speaking of accomplishments, Corey worked with the Speech Therapist today. She spoke, “How”, “Who”, “Home” and “Mom”. She also scored 80% in reading sentences to match the picture cue card. We had 2 OT visits today. Brittany (from the school district) brought a wooden easel and speaking tool. A voice box with large squares when pushed will call out the preprogrammed word. It will not only help with word recognition, augmented communication but fine motor control as well. Corey’s fine motor control has been a limiting factor in her writing and ability to work the IPad, computer and some of the augmentative devices. The Insurance OT, Alice, reported more flexibility in Corey’s left hand and arm. In fact, Alice was trying to bring Corey’s arm to a raised position after full extension and she “felt” Corey’s muscle in her left arm contract as if she were going to “arm wrestle” with her.

Corey we are video taping your sessions not only to utilize the footage for education of therapy techniques but also to document your progress. I viewed the very first video of a PT/OT session dated the weekend of February 19th-20th ; four months after the accident You may not remember it but the change in you from that weekend to present day is astounding…just 6 months later!

In the video you could not hold her head independently. You could not move or lift your right arm. You could not open your right hand. You had just started to flicker your fingers on the right hand to a VERY shaky Thumbs up! The only mobility you had was to kick your right leg from the knee down.

Watching what you were doing then compared to what I see you do today is nothing short of amazing. I know it seems as if this process of recovery is taking forever, but trust me honey your persistence, motivation and determination is what is making it happen. It will happen kiddo. Keep pushing because we have the video to prove its working! We are so proud of you Corey! xoxo