Hi Everyone,

It’s been a rough weekend for Corey. She hasn’t been feeling well due to migraines, nausea and reflux. Corey was feeling a little better tonight which was good timing for her girlfriend Selina to come and visit.

Selina and Corey met in 1st grade on the playground. Corey was hanging upside down from the monkey bars, in a dress, without shorts! Selina happened to be walking by and was completely appalled that this girl’s underwear was showing. Corey saw Selina, flipped off the monkey bars, landed in front of Selina and said, “Hi” “What’s your name”? ~ “Selina” ~ “I’m Corey, want to be friends”? That was it…they’ve been best friends from that day forward.

Selina and Corey are two opposite ends of the spectrum. Selina is an organized, methodical, follow the rules kind of gal. Corey is whimsical, free spirited and liked to argue that rules should be more like guidelines than boundaries. Despite their differences the girls complimented each other as best friends usually do.

Tonight Selina played Hangman with Corey. Corey did a great job! Selina started out easy by using Corey’s name as the first puzzle. I was surprised to see Corey randomly pick letters to try to fill in the dashes. She almost got hung but managed to guess the puzzle. The next game, we figured out that Selina was probably using her name. When Corey and I discussed that possibility, she began to spell out S-E-L-I-N-A without any spell prompts from me. Again, I was surprised and so happy to see Corey not only remembering how to play the game but spelling her best friends name from memory!

Corey I must admit that there were times over the last 10 months that I was so afraid of what might or might not come back to you. I have tried to put the fear out of my mind but it still sat quietly in my heart. Everyday I am so grateful that you are emerging more and more. The way you interact with Caitlin and JohnPaul, your friends, Roxie, Jade and Amelia as well as responding to the nurses and therapists continues to ease that fear. I am so grateful for each day and each new sign from you. Your strength and resilience amazes me. It encourages me. It renews my confidence and faith. Thank you so much for helping me to regain my strength to heal too. I love you, xoxo