GUESS WHAT?? Mom fell asleep with the laptop opennnnnn . . .

BAM! Hijacked, Part III

As penance for posting Nicolas Cage pictures randomly without notice or explanation, my mother suggested earlier that I write the post tonight. Tonight’s theme? Cooking. Corey is good. I am not. Corey was always showing me, texting me, shouting at me, e-mailing me, etc. tips about how to be a better cook. I have no doubt she is making mental notes and will let me have it soon enough.

While most of what she taught me went in one ear and out the other the following seven lessons (for better or for worse) I will always remember.

7 Lessons I Learned From Chef Corey:

1. Chocolate milk is delicious. Chocolate water is not.
2. When in doubt, add more salt.
3. Still in doubt, add cheese (preferably melted).
4. The Chef is the chef and the Mother is the dishwasher. If possible, dirty ALL pots and/or pans while preparing dinner.
5. Avocados are bought indoors, but can not be grown indoors.
6. It is possible to fully cook all types of pasta in microwave. Place uncooked noodle in microwave safe Tupperware container. Fill with water and salt. Microwave until tender
7. Leave house promptly after cooking pasta in microwave to avoid clean-up. Starch collected in microwave will likely become permanent until scrubbed by Mother. Argument inevitable.

Last night I ate popcorn and hummus for dinner. Let’s all pray Chef Corey gives me more advice soon. I promise to listen this time. (Most of the time.)

Happy Dreams!
Caitlin xoxo