Hi Everyone,

It was a quiet day but tonight Corey attended her first graduation party for her girlfriend Kelsey. The girls have grown up together in our neighborhood; they are only a few months apart in age. She handled the heat well and seemed to enjoy the company of all our friends. There were several girls that Corey knew that hadn’t seen her yet. Everyone was very sweet to come over and engage in conversation with her. I brought her dry erase board so she could communicate with us. After an hour, Corey wrote that she was ready to go.

Once we were home, Corey asked to exercise using her sign language motion. We went into our living room on the matte and worked out. Corey seems very frustrated that her left arm and hand are not moving independently yet. She tries to open her left fingers with her right hand and pushes her arm out trying to range that arm herself! We practiced some weight baring exercises with her left arm to try to strengthen it. I consistently reassure her that her right side used to be motionless too and now look what you can do. You’re writing, cracking eggs, pouring liquids, pulling yourself up and throwing a ball. The left side will come back too. It’s just a matter of time.

After an hour I asked Corey if she’d like to go back into her room. She pointed upstairs and then gave me the sign for walk. Unfortunately, I was by myself and was not comfortable tackling the staircase without at least another person or two! I truly sensed a change in Corey when we came home from Kelsey’s party. She is very aware of what is going on around her. I know she understands that her friends are preparing to go off to college. Rather than be sad, in typical Corey style, she’s mad and she’s going to push herself forward to achieve the same goal. I truly believe that this is the reason behind her request to exercise and her frustration described above.

Corey for some reason as we were working out I had the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the play Carousel playing in my head. That song always represented strength to me. Whenever I listen to it I feel empowered and motivated. I watch your inner drive and I feel the same sense of energy and determination.

I found an interesting quote tonight;

“If I could turn the hands of time, I’ll turn it forward to tomorrow. I want to move beyond with optimism and growth, taking the past which has gone by as my lessons in realizing the future with hope, courage and determination.”

I read this and thought of you honey. This is what you are doing. Moving forward, not looking back but determined to make your dreams come true.

Enduring setbacks while maintaining the ability to show others the way to go forward is a true test of leadership.” ~ Nitin Nohria

Thank you for always reminding me to look forward. We will continue to follow your lead Corey. Happy dreams, xoxo