Hi Everyone,

It was a fun playful day! Sherise reported a full day of bowling, table tennis, matte time, writing and Tic Tac Toe…Corey won! Tonight a friend of ours came to see Corey. She is a therapist that specializes in hand therapy. She hasn’t seen Corey since we came home 7 weeks ago. Corey waved hello, attempted to say hello but when we started to use the dry erase board, that’s when Corey began to speak with us and my friend was blown away! She was amazed to see Corey writing to express her self.

Corey and I spent some time exercising and focusing on working her left leg and foot. The more we stretch the easier it is to try to flex her ankle. She is very stiff and we’ve got a long way to go but if we work her left side 6-10 times a day, it will loosen up just like the right side did.

Corey is now answering “feeling” questions as well as initiating her questions to us.
For instance;
How was your day Corey? Good
What did you do? Play
What else did you do? Exercise
Corey had a grimace on her face tonight. I asked her how she felt…sad.
Why? Hurt
Where do you hurt? Mouth
I asked her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue so I could see. Sure enough, she bit the side of her tongue!
When I ask Corey how it feels now that I can “hear” her when she writes to me, she gives me a BIG SMILE!

Corey I can’t imagine the frustration knowing what you want to say but not knowing how to get it out so the world can hear you. Your patience with us is incomprehensible. Thank you for giving us time to figure out how we can hear you. Your Aunt Louise wrote us months ago dedicating an old song to you. She thought it could be your theme song. She sent it to us again tonight. I have to say, reading the lyrics I completely agree, xoxo.

I’m coming outI want the world to knowI got to let it showThere’s a new me coming outAnd I just had to liveAnd I wanna giveI’m completely positiveI think this time aroundI am gonna do itLike you never do itLike you never knew itOoh, I’ll make it throughThe time has come for meTo break out of the shellI have to shoutThat I’m coming outI’ve got to show the worldAll that I wanna beAnd all my billitiesTher’s so much more to meSomehow, I have to make themJust understandI got it well in handAnd, oh, how I’ve plannedI’m spreadin’ loveThere’s no need to fearAnd I just feel so gladEverytime I hear:I’m coming out…