Hi Everyone,

Corey’s debut is postponed again…but only until Monday. FOX needed to postpone due to a scheduling conflict with the reporter. Baring any “major breaking news” the segment will air on Monday night. Of course I reminded him that Corey’s progress is the major breaking news!

Speaking of witnessing Corey’s progress, we had our follow up appointment at Bryn Mawr Rehab tonight with Dr. Long. He spent about an hour and half with us. Corey pulled out all the stops. She pulled herself forward, stood at the exam room sink, followed every command given to her, showed her sign language vocabulary, smiled, laughed, showed her recent ability to try to say “Hi” and “Mom”…yes, he did hear the exhale but no sound just yet. Corey counted with her right hand and then followed the commands as we switched it up; hold up one finger, three, five, two, four…100% accurate!! She showed him her full range of arm motions and her ability to open her mouth and stick out her tongue! (That one was for you Uncle Tom!)

We had several points we had to discuss. I was concerned with what appears to be an increased indentation around the skull flap. Dr. Long agreed and is scheduling a follow up CAT scan to check the shunt and its levels. We want to make sure it’s not draining too much.

Due to the lack of Physical Therapy, Corey’s left foot has increased it’s “drop”. Dr. Long has concerns with the contracture of the muscles and the toning. We will have a consult next month with the orthopedist to look at another round of nerve blocks. Sometimes, the nerve blocks don’t work over the toning. It’s possible (not probable) that Corey may need surgery to release (cut) the tendons so her ankle and foot will be flexible to stand and walk.

Dr. Long has also ordered a full regimen of blood work. We have to be diligent with this due to the seizure medications affect on the liver. He also tested Corey for her vertigo reactions. The response to the motion test suggests that it is not an inner ear issue but the result of damage to the lower back of her brain; a result of the injury from the car accident. He is looking into vestibular exercises to print out for our home therapists to follow.

After Corey’s exam was complete, I asked Dr. Long, “so what do you think of her progress in a month”? His response was, “She’s today’s miracle”! He was amazed…
We had the opportunity to Brian her day nurse, Julia, Laura, Felix and a few of the therapists from PT/OT. Everyone was completely blown away by how great she looked…especially her hair cut! Brian was so cute…he was beyond excited to see her, gave her a big hug and told Corey, “Seeing you made my week”!! They all can’t wait to see her next month.

Corey I can only imagine what rabbits you have in your hat that you’ve yet to pull out! Each day you pull another one out of no where! We love it, XOXO