Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. The nurse reported a very good 1st session with the district OT/ST therapist. She was a busy girl, her sign therapists came in as well. When I arrived for my shift, Corey was alert and ready to go. It was obvious to me that she enjoyed the stimulation and interaction with her new team today.

She was ready to play with me too. We were going to bake another cake when I realized I was out of eggs. Tomorrow I will pick up brownie mix instead (she liked baking brownies more anyway). When I told her we couldn’t make our cake, she picked up the dishtowel and threw it at me (smiling as she aimed). Needless to say I couldn’t let that go and threw it right back…aiming for her face. This became a game. Corey even picked up her arm to block the shot.

We tried to play UNO but it turned into a matching game instead. Until she was tired of playing and decided to switch it up to “52 pick up”! I did not enjoy that as much as she did.

Corey does not seem to be as accurate with a deck of cards as she is with blocks. Tomorrow we have an eye doctor appointment for an initial evaluation to try and discover Corey’s visual range and limitations. I’m looking forward to hearing what the Doctor has to say.

Tonight I climbed into bed with her to watch a movie. As we sat together she rubbed my arm, she leaned against my shoulder and she fell asleep. I cherish these moments with her.

I’m signing off to pick up the 12-8am shift…our nurse called out. This is the reality of homecare. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring; probably a nap at some point. We don’t have any exciting plans for the weekend except to enjoy each others company and relax. We will continue our own PT/OT/ST therapy over the holiday weekend (no vacation for Miss Corey…she’s got work to do). In case the weekend gets away from me, we hope you all take time to enjoy your family, the beautiful weather, beach or backyard and of course; fireworks…our favorite part! xoxo