Hi Everyone,

It’s been a LONG two days…Corey has not been feeling well. Yesterday she was suffering with a migraine, low grade fever, reflux and cramps; the perfect storm! Even though we have a nurse staying with us from 12am-8am, Corey did not want me to leave her. Each time I would try to release my hand from hers to say goodnight, she would pull me towards her. How do you say no to that? I stayed up with her until 4:30 when I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any more…my alarm for today’s work appointments went off at 6am!

When I returned home this evening for the 6pm shift, she seemed much better just very tired. She had a quiet evening and a nice shower. She did have some familiar faces come to visit today. Her Principal, sign language teacher and two girlfriends came for visits. She was very happy to have her favorite people spend time with her.

Unfortunately, PT was a no show again today. This is why we are fundraising! I have several calls out to private therapists and we are waiting for the therapy team from the school district to begin working with us. Patience is the name of the game. A line from one of my inspirational sites reads; “Patience is crucial to persistence. And with sufficient persistence, any goal can be reached”. It is so easy to overlook this simple word if given the proper thought and practice would actually help give strength and stamina. Patience keeps us in the moment.

If you look up the word patience in the dictionary, it should include the saying ‘One Day at a Time’. Prior to Corey’s accident I thought I understood this saying. I have now come to truly understand its meaning. People frequently ask me, ‘what’s Corey’s prognosis? My answer is that we don’t know. We live in today. What new movements will she display? What new sign will she learn? What will she express? What is she feeling? What is she thinking? What can we do to stimulate her today? What can we do to help her communicate so we understand what we can’t hear her saying…Yet.

This is an extremely difficult way to live. It’s unnatural not to plan or project. But when you are dealing with the natural course of healing, how can you? This is not an event that you over come, it’s a way of life you patiently learn how to live one day at a time.

We have goals and wishes for Corey, but will she get there? There is no definitive answer. So rather than be discouraged or overwhelmed by the thoughts of what might not happen, we focus on what will happen. Why shouldn’t we assume she’ll achieve everything we are hoping for? We are all praying for a miracle…if we don’t believe it could happen than what’s the point of prayer? Every morning as my mind wakes to the conscious world, my prayer begins; “Full Recovery”. I fill any idle moment with this mantra. Every motivational speaker will profess that if you say it, envision it and believe it with your heart; you can create it as your reality.

Corey you have the rest of your life ahead of you. We are dedicated to what we can do today but there is no reason that we can’t focus on your dreams. There is no reason not to think positively. There is no reason not to believe that the miracle is happening today especially when you keep showing us what you are striving for and achieving each day. We will continue to practice patience and focus one day at a time, but we will also look towards where your accomplishments will lead us…celebrating your full recovery! xoxo