Hi Everyone,

The report of Corey’s day continues to be positive. The PT therapist came today. The day nurse reported some new stretches I can do with Corey. We continue to look for PT/OT and ST (speech therapists) that will work with Corey privately. If any of our local friends have contact with individuals that you think can help us, please forward their names and numbers.

Corey has been working with a woman that is teaching her sign language. She’s not the young woman I met at the bingo fundraiser but she is truly our newest angel that has a positive affect on Corey’s recovery. Sue has been popping in almost everyday for the last week reviewing signs and building her vocabulary with new words. Corey responds immediately to her. Since the first day they met, Sue enters and greets Corey with a big smile. She also uses the sign for “play” as her salutation. Corey is now responding in turn. When she sees Sue she returns a big smile and holds the sign for play. I am so grateful for the gift of communication Sue is giving to Corey. Corey is finding a way to express her words.

Corey I found another English project you must have been working on. As I read the list of words below I was intrigued by the message it sent without knowing the direction it was meant to take. You were in the process of making so many changes last summer. You became a great list maker. I wonder what this list meant to you. What inspired you to create it and choose the words you did? Your list was thought provoking. It appears to be the foundation for what is giving you the strength to work hard each day. It inspired me to revisit what definition I would put to each word. Thank you for today’s message. Happy dreams, xoxo

Integrity: to act appropriately based on your sense of what’s right and wrong.
Initiative: to do something because it needs to be done.
Flexibility: to be willing to change plans whenever.
Perseverance: to keep at it. Don’t give up until the job is done.
Organization: to plan and arrange. Use a calendar.
Sense of humor: to laugh and play without being sarcastic or hurting other peoples feelings.
Effort: to do your best.
Common sense: to use good judgment.
Problem solving: to find solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems.
Responsibility: to be accountable for your actions.
Patience: to wait calmly for someone or something.
Friendship: to make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring.
Curiosity: a desire to learn and understand your world.
Cooperation: to work together toward a common goal.
Caring: to feel and show concern for others.
Courage: the ability to persevere and withstand danger, difficulty, or fear