Hi Everyone,

Miss Corey continues to surprise me! I arrived home from work for my 6pm shift. Corey’s day nurse reported that she seemed to be very tired today. OT and Speech arrived within a ½ hour of each other and Corey wasn’t as engaged as she has been. I assured Corey that it’s okay to have an off day once in awhile.

I’m starting to have some friends come in from 6-8 to help me with Corey. An extra pair of hands is unbelievably helpful. Those of you who have offered to help; rest assured you will be called! It was spa night. We were sitting at the kitchen table; Corey was in her wheelchair with us, when I asked her if she was ready to take her shower. With that, she lifted her foot, put it on the edge of the kitchen table and pushed herself backwards away from the table and across the kitchen floor! I was so surprised, I asked, “Where are you going”? “Are you trying to go into the bathroom”? Thumb up…

Then I thought, WHY NOT…I stood up and removed Corey’s right arm rest. I guided her hand to the rail on the wheel of her chair. I held her hand to show her the motion of pushing her chair forward. She was ready…she pushed her self from the island through the threshold of the bathroom door right up to the shower bed…about 12 feet. I took off her right leg rest and taught her how to go backwards. She couldn’t place her foot flat on the floor but she could touch the floor with her tip toes…Fred Flintstone has nothing’ on Corey…she backed out of the bathroom back to the island in the kitchen.

This sense of control was all Corey needed. She was moving her chair back and forth and managed to turn towards the cabinets. If she couldn’t move in one direction, she lifted her right foot to push off something. It was a blast to watch her want to cruise under her own control. As she roamed the kitchen, I started dinner for myself. All of a sudden I heard a large bang. Startled (and nervous I had my back turned for a minute) I found Corey over by the cabinets using her toes to open the drawers and cabinet door! Now you know why we called her Monkey Toes when she was little…she’s still got it!

Corey you make me smile and laugh out loud. It makes me so happy that each day I learn something new that you can do. There is a famous saying; the only thing that will hold you back is your own perspective. There is no reason why we shouldn’t keep thinking Why Not…I promise we will continue to color outside the lines to see what you can do. I’m happy that you can finally begin to express yourself and I must admit…I’m looking forward to the wheelchair races! Happy dreams, xoxo