Hi Everyone,

We had a fun day! Corey began her morning with a “new Do”. She’s got a new hairstyle, short and sassy! It’s much more attractive than the “Cousin It” style she’s been sporting lately.

I ran out to do some errands this afternoon and picked up wooden letter blocks, dominoes and UNO cards. We are using any familiar games and tools that will help Corey communicate. I also picked up a cake mix. Before we played with her new games, she helped me make a cake tonight.

I covered her with a large towel (just in case) and positioned her left hand on the mixing bowl to hold it steady. I opened the package of mix and gave it to Corey. She used her right hand to empty the bag into the mixing bowl (most of the flour made it into the bowl). I gave her the measuring cup of 1 ¼ cups of water which she poured with no spills. I then gave her (1) of (3) eggs. She instinctively tapped the egg on the side of the bowl but too softly to crack the egg. She used to be able to crack an egg with one hand. I tapped the egg a bit harder for her to get her started. She opened it and I managed to get almost all the shells out of the mix! (It’s a confetti cake mix, so it’s a little crunchy anyway). Last ingredient was vegetable oil and then the whisk to mix. She held the side of the bowl and mixed until the batter was smooth…I helped towards the end; her arm was getting a bit fatigued as the batter thickened. Into the pan then oven and Tah-Dah…Corey made her first cake!

As the cake baked, we played with the dominoes. Corey didn’t really want to play the traditional rules and typical Corey, she made up her own. Tonight’s version was to flick the tiles across the table to a goal post I created with my hands. She aimed, took a shot and tried to score. She was a pretty good shot! PS-the tiles fly across the table quickly if flicked at just the right pressure and angle…it’s a lot of fun if you’re looking for a family game night.

Next we played with the blocks. Last night she did well with the numbers but was not accurate at all with her letters. Tonight, I didn’t tell her what I was going to spell but thought I would start by putting out the letters of her name. I said out loud; C-O-R-E-Y, “what does that spell”? Corey pointed to her self! I was shocked and cheered out loud. She smiled. I spelled; M-O-M. Corey pointed to me. Then I threw in a hard one… (My laptop was open on the table. My screen saver is a picture Caitlin took of me, JohnPaul and Corey last mother’s day) I spelled, J-O-H-N-P-A-U-L. “What does that spell”? Corey looked away, put her hand on her head, brushed her hair back and then pointed to the laptop! I literally squealed out loud, “WAY TO GO COREY”!!!

Corey you are amazing! Everyday you surprise me. You want to be challenged. You want to tell us what you know; we just have to figure out how to get it out of you. Choosing the confetti cake was a premonition…I wanted to throw confetti and scream from the rooftop when you recognized our names in block letters. I am so excited for you. It’s all coming back honey…little by little. I promise we’ll figure out how to connect with you and when we do…look out…you’re gonna take off! Happy dreams, xoxo