Hi Everyone,
We had a challenging day. More nursing issues! Corey and I managed to have a full productive day despite the scheduling error. Her day started with a migraine so we kept it quiet and dark for the better part of the morning. Corey loves her spa sessions so we had a long hot shower with extra massage therapy. Who doesn’t like their hair washed just like they do at the salon?

As the afternoon progressed, Corey’s headache was dissipating. We worked on “Sitting” today. Corey did very well. She did not hold her stance independently but I contributed very little support most of the time other than the palm of my hand on her upper back. She held her head independently for almost 20 minutes. She has improved so much! The rest of the day was quiet. All of Corey’s friends are at senior week and I think she misses them. She was definitely less animated and engaged today. (I’m not as much fun as her girlfriends!)

Corey you can envision and speculate, plan, theorize and guess about how your life will turn out all you want. There are plenty of things that could go wrong, and challenges you probably never thought about, especially what you are facing today. Lots of things can knock you down, yet nothing can stop you when you’re determined to keep getting back up.

The way to build strong muscles is to lift heavier and heavier weights. In the same way, the strength necessary for you to achieve your dream comes when you bounce back each time you’re knocked down. The setbacks are not really setbacks. They’re opportunities to work harder and more effectively. The disappointments are not really disappointments. They’re experiences that will strengthen your determination.

I once heard a motivational speaker say; all the things that are easy and without risk have already been done. Success belongs to those who can endure enough disappointments and setbacks while staying positive and committed to reaching the goal ~ Brian Tracy

Everyone has disappointments, frustrations and sadness. But the strongest of those individuals are the ones that refuse to accept the disappointments as the final result. When you feel sad, want to give up or think your efforts are not advancing, keep on going. Your commitment and persistence will absolutely get you back to where you want to be! Happy dreams, xoxo