Hi Everyone,

I have so much to share I’m not sure where to begin! Corey’s exercise table arrived this morning and she christened it tonight when I got home. We transferred her to the table to work on sitting upright, balancing her position, kicking as well as exercises for full range of her arms and legs. She seemed so happy to be sitting at the edge of the matte. She’s ready to get back to working out!

In addition to the exercise routine, we also played a game of bowling. Corey not only threw the bowling ball overhand, she also moved her “left” foot to try to kick the bowling ball. She pulled back her heel, using her left thigh muscles. Her foot moved about an inch. Then she tried to kick forward; about another inch but the movement was there! This is exactly how the right foot started to move about 5 months ago. That’s not all…her left arm was positioned half on the arm rest and half off. I asked Corey to lift her arm back on the armrest. She slowly moved her left arm about 2-3 inches to the left. This was the first deliberate motion I’ve seen from her left arm.

Corey also surprised me twice today. This morning I heard a voice I thought said, “Ha”. I turned to the nurse and asked her what she said. She looked at me and said she didn’t say anything…it was Corey! Of course she didn’t repeat the noise but we both heard it. Tonight we were in the kitchen and sure enough…”Ha”. She vocalized without a yawn initiating the sound! This hasn’t happened since her first attempt almost 4 months ago!

Finally, last night and tonight Corey’s girlfriends came to visit. They bought her a yearbook. They also brought all the “give a ways” from the Senior Prom. The girls went through the HS and the Tech school to get Corey’s teachers and friends to sign her yearbook. As they sat reading the entries, Corey reached out to turn the pages…one by one! When they reached the section for the Senior Portraits we played our version of “Where’s Waldo”. We asked Corey to find her friends on the page and she pointed to the pictures of some of her closest friends. We were amazed and delighted!

Corey I can’t tell you how excited I was for you today! Watching you move your left leg and arm sent my heart and adrenaline soaring. This is exactly how you started moving your right side and look at the strength and dexterity you’ve developed since the first movement of the right toe!

I read a quote this morning that made me think of you. It actually has turned out to be today’s message of achievement.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. ~ John Pierpont Morgan

I am so grateful for your commitment to want more for your life! I am so proud of you for not wanting to stay where you are and working hard every day to get stronger. Those inches will multiply and lead to steps towards your independence and dreams sweetie. We are committed to help you get there. Happy dreams, xoxo