Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. It was beautiful out. We began the day with Ride Away coming out to personally fit Corey’s seat belts in her van. We’re ready to go on any adventure now! We took a morning walk and played some new games today; some of which included Corey’s measuring cups. They were similar to stacking cups. She would follow the commands to take the cup from the top, put it into her lap then repeat. Once all the cups were un-stacked, she’d restack them in size order! I really don’t know how she figured that out because I did not direct her to pick up by size…Honest!

A friend played cards with Corey. Corey had the deck and her friend would ask Corey for 3 cards or 1 card etc. Corey gave her the correct amount with each request. She would also reach to a full extension with her right arm to deal the cards. I think we’ll introduce UNO tomorrow.

JohnPaul came out tonight and couldn’t wait to play with the IPad. He and Corey played with an App for drawing. As Corey would use her pointer finger to cross over the pad, the program would draw a line, sparkles and fireworks would appear in the background and orchestral instruments would play alternating sounds with the variation of touch. The two of them had so much fun. Next was the xylophone. JohnPaul would play Mary had a Little Lamb, call out the color and the musical key associated with the tune. Corey wasn’t accurate following his tune, but she will be with time! I think she just had fun with the colors and the sound! It’s all good…she’s making the connections, strengthening her fine motor control and the cognitive stimulation is so important.

This evening’s walk around the block was fun as we were greeted by many of our neighbors that hadn’t yet seen Corey. She is so loved and everyone was excited to see how great she looked. She greeted everyone with a wave and a smile.

Corey received a special letter in the mail. A letter she wrote 6 years ago to her present day self. What a riot! She spoke of all her friends, winning the National Championship for Cheering, the boys she liked, the teachers she didn’t like and admitted that she was chewing gum as she wrote the note…PS-chewing gum in school is not allowed ~ that’s our Corey!

Corey your letter was adorable. I especially loved that you drew a design on the seal so when it arrived in 6 years you would know if the seal was broken and if Mr. Murray read the letter. You congratulated yourself on graduating High School and wondered about which college you got into. In 6th Grade you wanted to go to NYU to be a doctor or a nurse. You wondered if you were still cheering, playing softball and if you ever made it into AT (academically talented track). My favorite part of the letter was your signature; from the most awesome 6th grader ever.
We have to thank Mr. Murray for sending this letter. It’s an invaluable keepsake.

Honey Graduation day is coming. The path to your dreams might have taken a slight detour but it will happen. Your interest changed from a doctor or a nurse, to a chef and who knows where your new road will take you as your continue to grow and progress. We are going to do everything we can to get you “walking” towards your dreams. Maybe we’ll write a new letter to the future Corey. You’ll be 24. It’s going to be amazing to read all your accomplishments, xoxo.