Hi Everyone,

Another day comes to a close. We are equally exhausted yet some of the frustrations were alleviated today. Corey has had a low grade fever because we have been trying to keep ahead of the fever with Ibuprophen. So far so good. She is asleep as I write this.

I must say, it’s so nice to be able to go into the family room (now Corey’s room) and give her a kiss or lie next to her to watch TV and what a nice treat not to have to drive an hour home. It’s also nice to wake up and have Corey here in the morning. I told my sisters that for the first time since the accident, I’m liking my house again. Having the kids here makes it home.

I had an IEP meeting at the High School today. We are making plans for Corey’s Educational needs, transition back to school as well as PT/OT/Speech therapies. I’m not sure how much therapy Corey will be getting, this is the sole purpose of my fight to stay at Bryn Mawr. As soon as the patient leaves the acute setting, their therapy hours diminish. I can tell you that Corey’s last full day of therapy was Friday of last week. As I was ranging her arms and legs today I was very concerned. Her left leg and arm are starting to lock up. She has not been able to stand or have any exercise besides range of motion for 5 days now. I’m not sure when the Home Therapy will begin or the IEP for the districts approved sessions will begin. One important fact I can share is that the team from Corey’s high school will be amazing and I know they will be dedicated to achieving her goals to work towards full recovery.

PS-Blue Cross will only cover 30 hours of therapy per year; that’s total of PT/OT and Speech. The school district supplements therapy which at the moment will provide 45mins 2x a week for each PT/OT/Speech. This is the normal amount of hours…it’s not acute care. This is the reason we need to change legislation. Patients need the acute level of therapy hours especially if it is deemed no longer necessary to stay as an inpatient. Just because Corey is clinically stable to leave the hospital does not mean she doesn’t still need the 18 hours/week verses a maximum of 6 hours a week.

Therapy will be the greatest challenge in Corey’s recovery. What I find the most maddening is the clinical response “well that’s the way it is”. If that were true why am I typing on a computer? Change can only occur if you’re willing to take a risk and are persistent. I’m guessing you all figured out I’m not someone afraid of change.

Corey you were never afraid of change either. I certainly don’t expect you to begin now. Everyday you push to show us something new that changed from the day before. Today was blowing your nose! You may think we are crazy for getting excited about this but it’s another accomplishment we didn’t know you were capable of doing. Amazing!

Until therapy starts we’ll keep pushing the range of motion to keep those muscles limber and ready for when therapy starts. There is no way you’re back peddling missy moo! We have goals…we have to get you standing next to a stove! You will cook again little miss. We will be sampling a Corey original someday soon. Dream the recipe xoxo