Hi Everyone,
Tomorrow is the big day. I’m hoping Corey is feeling better. She had another upset stomach tonight and was not happy! At home, we’re ready to go. Everything is washed, set up and ready to welcome home our girl. Please check out the photo gallery. Corey’s good friends parents had the Welcome Home sign made and Mackenzie and I made the Thank You cupcakes for all the nurses. They are supposed to represent the patients on the floor. They were a BIG hit!

Corey it’s hard to believe that you’re coming home tomorrow. It’s been 8 months since the accident. The most important step for you to take is the next step. Coming home, continuing to work hard at PT/OT/Speech will form the crucial connection between the last 7 months at Bryn Mawr and the possibilities for your future.

The three most important steps to achieving anything are first step, the last step and the next step. The first step was getting you into a rehab hospital to begin your recovery as soon as possible. The last step is the final step of this part of the beginning of your recovery. You must take what you’ve learned and continue to build on it.

The next step is the most important. You’ve come a long way and now is your opportunity to keep the momentum going. Now is the moment to do what comes next. The next step will connect you to endless possibilities. We will keep focused on each step; and when it gets hard or you get tired, we’ll look back and see where we came from and where you are today. Your accomplishments were not magically created all at once, but were built on one step at a time. There’s no greater motivation than to truly look at what you’ve already achieved. Your willingness to work towards the next step is the reason for your success and ultimately your recovery.

Sleep well little one…tomorrow night we will tuck you in at home. Happy dreams, xoxo