Hi Everyone,

Today was good day! Corey was alert and engaged all day. We have two new additions to Corey’s recovery. 1st new tool is an IPad. We downloaded a program that will enable her to Tap to Talk. Corey was amazing; she really got into it! She needs to learn the motion to lift her arm, point her finger and tap the target. Once the target is hit, it “speaks” the selection. She concentrated and listened to the commands to direct her touch and sure enough she was getting VERY good at it. She really enjoyed it too.

Corey did well for about 20 minutes but then needed a break from her concentration. We were in the gazebo by the goose pond and the grounds were filled with visitors and patients. Corey needed a distraction. I jumped up and started to dance in the gazebo trying to rally Corey to join me. “Come on Cor, I’m bored! What do you want to do? Let’s dance!” I started to jump around, spin in circles, shake my hips and the whole time Corey was laughing and looking at me as if to say, ‘My mom is the village idiot’…unaware of my surroundings, the patients families were all staring at me from the deck of the pond, dancing and they were laughing right along with Corey!! Being the shy, reserved person that I am, I waved and kept dancing.

Before anyone could register a complaint against the crazy woman in the gazebo, we decided to go for a walk to the 2nd surprise for Corey. We have had several fundraisers. The Beef and Beer, No shave November, Skate for Corey, the Candy boxes and Change for Corey, Spa Therapies, the AG seniors Concert for Corey, the Knights of Columbus Bingo Night and many individual donations. These generous gifts for Corey will help us with the cognitive tools, hiring nursing/therapy, purchasing the therapy matte and sit to stand machine and much more. Each benefit will enable us to purchase the tools for home that are necessary for Corey to continue the progress she’s showing each day.

The Skate for Corey fundraiser was ear marked for her transportation. Well, instead of an ice zamboni, we picked up her “land zamboni” this morning. I’ve posted the picture in her gallery. We were lucky enough to meet a man through a friend of a friend that found us a handicapped used van from “Ride Away”. 2007, rear entry with 26,000 miles! It is timely that it arrived this weekend because we actually purchased it from a Veteran’s family. The veteran was only in his mid to late 40’s, he served in the army, was injured during a tour of duty and sustained a Brain Injury. Unfortunately, he passed away (ironically right after Corey’s accident) due to complications from his injury.

This man and his family not only have given their lives for our country, they have now given back yet again. His widow wanted to sell their van to a family who’s loved one had a brain injury. They knew it could help them reclaim their lives with the freedom of travel. We are that family. What a blessing that we will have the means to expose Corey to a “normal” life.

There is just one difficult detail that our friends and family from NY will have to accept. Although I want to put a small pair of ice hockey skates to hang on the rear view mirror, Corey’s Phillies magnet will be on the back door! I was sharing this with one of the organizers of the fundraiser and she pleaded ‘NOoooo’, then she conceded; ‘okay but how about we also put a Mets magnet on the car’. I said no and she was okay with that because although there will be a Phillies magnet on the van, at least it’s not a Yankee’s magnet! Some of Corey’s cousins are going to chime in on this one! She was never shy about the taking on the baseball debate with her cousins that were Yankee and Red Sox fans!

To all of you that have helped us raise money, participated in the fundraisers, donated your love, compassion, friendship and encouragement; we can’t thank you enough! And to our veteran family, we promise we will continue to live our life enjoying the freedom to choose how we will celebrate each day. This we will do to honor you. xoxo