Hi Everyone,

It was finally a sunny day! Corey and I spent the early afternoon outside by the goose pond. One of her girlfriends came to visit (with her mom so I had a girlfriend too!) We had a really nice visit and enjoyed relaxing watching the goslings and listening to the fountain in the pond. The sun felt amazing!

We were out for several hours. When we came in for her rest unfortunately she began with that nasty reflux she gets when it was time to connect her feeding tube. She was physically sick so we decided to have an early spa night; shower and a manicure. Corey loved Legally Blonde and believed in Elle’s cure-all ~ Manicures always make you feel better! As the evening progressed she appeared to be feeling a bit better. We were turning the feeding off/on to regulate her intake. The evening air was still warm so we decided to take a twilight stroll. We love this weather! The rest of the evening was quiet so she could try to settle in a bit.

I want to share a funny story about last night (a welcome close to the week from you know where). JohnPaul came out to visit for the evening. JohnPaul was really tired and wanted to get into bed with Corey. I’m going to do my best to describe the event but I must say being in person to witness these two was a riot!

JohnPaul stood next to Corey’s bed and told her to move over, he’s tired. She took one look at him as if to say, ‘are you kidding’? He then began to use his whiney voice…’move over Corey, your hoggin’ the bed’. She cracked a smile and began to chuckle.

I stood up and we moved Corey as far over as we could so her brother could climb in. Yes, he is a BIG guy, she is a little girl and I held my breath! As he climbed in next to her, she was smiling the whole time. And then it began…He looked at her and said, ‘HA! told you pay backs were bad. You can’t move or say anything now”…she was all smiles.
I was confused as to what paybacks she was due. He told us that when he was in the chair/half in the family room, Corey would come in and literally sit on him. She would whine that he was hogging the chair and push him to move over. She wouldn’t get up until he did…I’m sure the bruises she sustained for being stubborn and pushing her brother were inconsequential because she always won and loved bugging him.

(JohnPaul using a whiney voice) ‘Corey, your butt’s too big, move over’ ~ she’s chuckling. ‘Corey has all the pillows, I want a pillow tooooo’ ~ she’s laughing a little harder. ‘My feet are cold, Corey has all the blankets, I want a blanket toooooo’ ~ Corey actually vocalized a sound as she laughed!

I picked up the Sleeping Beauty pillow for JohnPaul and he flirtatiously commented, ‘oh yeah, she was my favorite princess’. Then we put the princess blanket on the two of them. JohnPaul used his “come hither” voice and said, “Hellooo Lay-dies” ~ Corey loved it and was flat out laughing. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of them together (check out the picture gallery). How JohnPaul fit in her bed with her, we’re not quite sure. I know he was very careful not to crush her.

Corey tomorrow is the 22nd. 7 months ago we moved to Bryn Mawr. When I look back at where you were to where you are today I am amazed. On October 2nd we were told you probably wouldn’t survive the next 48 hours. When you went into surgery October 3rd we were told you may not survive the surgery and if you did you may not survive the first week of recovery. But you did!

On October 22nd we moved to Bryn Mawr. You were not responding at all. You had a trach and neck brace. You couldn’t track our movement in the room, hold your head or move your arms and legs. You couldn’t stand, communicate yes or no, smile or laugh. We hoped but didn’t truly know if you recognized us. We didn’t know if you’d have your memory to recognize others.

Today you can do all these things and more; including counting on your right hand, differentiating color and standing and sitting for almost 4 minutes. You have come such a long way. Just think what the next 7 months will bring!

You are an amazing young woman. Your determination and tenacity motivates me to want to push myself as hard as you continue to push. Chef Young said to me, “we were always expecting Big things from Corey”. Honey, he is not disappointed…you continue to meet and exceed his expectations kiddo ~ along with all of us! You inspire me Corey and I’m very, very proud of you. Happy dreams, xoxo