Hi Everyone,

Corey was feeling much better today. When I arrived she was in her chair waiting for me. We went out to the goose pond right away to enjoy the warm evening air. The goslings are getting bigger but the little one still is the most entertaining. Mom and Dad were leading the “kids” across the driveway towards the back field. Mom crossed first, the 3 older/bigger goslings were waddling behind, the little one was hanging back distracted with Dad squawking to have it pay attention that the train was movin’ out.

The littlest one started across the driveway when all of a sudden it just sat down in the middle of the road! It turned to the Mom and looked at her as if to say, “I don’t think so Ma”…”that’s too far”. This little one stopped traffic in both directions. The mom must have figured out her little one was taking a stand (or sit to be literal) and she would have to adjust to the new plan. Needless to say, Mom and the siblings came back across the driveway and the little one popped straight up and crossed with them happy it got its own way. Do any of you recognize the similarities between the littlest gosling and another little blonde we all know?!?!

Corey’s girlfriends, JohnPaul and Caitlin came out to visit tonight. They joined us at the pond. Sitting in the warm evening air, listening to the fountain, chatting, reminiscing, laughing and sharing stories felt like a typical summer night on our back deck. It was so nice to be together. It was especially nice to watch Corey respond to the stories. Normally when Corey laughs, it is silent. Her body laughs. Tonight for the first time, I actually heard vocalization as she laughed. Voice or no voice, I love to watch her with the kids!

This weekend will be very special. We were going to participate in the Barnstormer’s game in Lancaster tomorrow night, but that fundraiser will be postponed.

Saturday will be great! We will be hosting a Cook for Corey breakfast at her culinary tech school. We will have 3 seatings as the cafeteria is a bit smaller than the café at the high school. The seatings will be 8, 9, 10. In honor of Corey’s favorite cooking show; Top Chef, her fellow culinary classmates will be participating in a “Quick Fire Challenge”. Chef Young and Chef D will give the students a breakfast cooking challenge which will require them to create a dish. After the challenge is complete, we will taste test their creation and announce a winner! I think I need to wear something fancy so I can play Padema!

There will also be a raffle; Corey’s school is donating an IPad and we have also acquired 2 tickets to the Phillies/LA Dodgers game for June 7th. What I’m most excited about is the creation of a Community Cookbook. We will be collecting recipes, as well as have blank recipe forms on hand, for a cookbook we will publish and sell. If any of you “out of towner’s” would like to send in a recipe to be included I will post the form/link to do so.

Corey it was a fun night. Once I tucked you into bed it didn’t take you long to fall asleep; a record 15 minutes! Sleep well sweetie. I hope you dream of the laughter we shared, xoxo