Happy Mother’s Day,

It was a very nice day. I spent the morning and afternoon with Corey at the hospital. I had a wonderful “homemade card” from Corey waiting for me when I arrived. Miss Sue, OT therapist, worked with Corey yesterday on her version of a hallmark card…

Dear Mom, (Picture a hand with a thumb up drawn next to each line)
Thank you for being supportive!
You are the best Mom ever!
I love you very much!
Thank you for always being there for me
You are my best cheerleader!

(Inside my card) Happy Mother’s Day ~ Corey’s hand was traced with “Love Corey” on the palm of the hand. It doesn’t matter that she’s 18 years old…that handprint is a treasured gift.

Corey and I spent several hours outside by the goose pond, taking a long walk on the trails and ended our visit with her therapy session and tucking her in for a late afternoon nap. I then headed into Philly to spend the evening with the older kids.

I love when my kids give homemade gifts and Caitlin gives the best! Her card was on graph paper. The cover, decorated with a black cat sticker, was titled “Yo Ma”…
Inside the sentiment read; ‘My dearest mother on Mother’s Day…I wrote you a poem cause you’re pretty great. Love Caitlin xoxo’

Thanks for cleaning up my barf
And reminding me to wear a scarf
Packing my lunch at the crack of dawn
And all the times you mowed the lawn

For telling me it was just a bad dream
Listening while I let out some steam
Rubbing my back when I couldn’t sleep
Dusting me off after the hill was too steep

For helping me laugh when I wanted to cry
Calling to check on my money supply
Untangling my hair when nothing could be done
Not judging me when I watch Alias reruns

And showing me how to be a good friend
How to find a way home when I reached a dead end
For sacrificing your needs so I never needed
Never leaving whether I lost or succeeded

For everything you did after I forgot to say thank you!
Going to middle school concerts though you didn’t want to
Keeping all of the drawings and poems I wrote
Introducing me to the root beer float

For rocking me to sleep in that wooden chair
Humming so softly; you weren’t aware
Of me looking up making a silent prayer
For a day I could be just as strong as you.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom xoxo

JohnPaul, Caitlin and Corey,
I drove home tonight thinking of each of your handprints. I began replaying memories of your life like an old favorite movie.
JohnPaul your hand is now twice the size of mine. When you wrapped your arms around me today my stature was diminished as I’m swallowed by your bear hug. I close my eyes and wonder; ‘where is that little boy I knew’? I open my eyes and couldn’t be more proud of the man that stands before me.
Caitlin you have become an intelligent, talented, confident, creative woman. You are truly one of the funniest people I have ever known and I love spending time with you!
Corey you are brave and courageous and continue to show that you have energy and life that is very present…your tenacity amazes and inspires me.

The time we share together gives me strength. The laughter we share removes all worries and concerns. The stories we share give me hope and encourage me to look towards the future for the memories we have yet to make. You three are the reason I don’t ever give up. You are the reason I appear fearless. You are the reason I feel confident and strong.
I love you each more than words can express! xoxoxo