Hi Everyone,

My sister MaryAnn, from Vermont, has been at a conference in Philly all week. MaryAnn is Corey’s godmother. Today, MaryAnn’s conference was over early and she was able to get to the rehab before me. It’s been several months since the girls have seen one another. I had late appointments and hit a ton of traffic on my way to the hospital. A dear friend of mine was passing through town and knowing MaryAnn was with Corey, we decided to meet, have dinner and spend the evening together. MaryAnn and Corey had a very nice evening hanging out, watching Iron Chef and reconnecting. It was nice for me to have a visit with a friend too!

Speaking of friends…This weekend will be filled with lots of friends! Tomorrow night from 4-8pm, Corey’s friends from Avon Grove High School have organized a benefit for her; Concert for Corey. Several local rock bands will be performing a live concert at Penn Township Park. They will have T-shirts, raffles, beverages, etc. as we sit picnic style listening to the entertainment. The kids have been working so hard for months to organize this and I’m really excited to spend the evening with them!

I will take pictures and post them in Corey’s Gallery for all of you who would like to share this special fundraising event with us but are unable to attend in person.

Corey it seemed weird not being with you tonight but I’m glad you and MaryAnn had time to spend together. I will see you tomorrow…for now we will both need a good nights sleep. Happy dreams honey, xoxo