Hi Everyone,

We had a terrific team report for this week! Corey has been more accurate with her responses to basic commands and questions, but she does favor the YES response more than NO.

Her ability to follow more commands other than wave, point etc, has increased. She is visually tracking more consistently and has been able to mimic putting up her fingers when asked to show us – 1 finger, 2 fingers, etc…without always needing a model. Some of the team has had her counting with her fingers. I had a conversation with her this evening letting her know that her Aunt MaryAnn was coming to see her in two days. I asked her to “show me two”…up popped 2 fingers…”show me three”…”show me one”…spot on switching up the response without hesitation!

Corey is continuing to try and use her right arm during upper body dressing but still requires maximum assistance and verbal cues.

This is the big one…the CRS (Comma Recovery Scale) on 5/2 was an 18 for the 1st time! The maximum score is 23…she’s getting closer!

I don’t have any answers on our pending discharge date. We have the house completed; inspection completed and today was informed of our initial hours pending for home care coverage. (Therapy has not been assigned as yet)

We now have to meet/greet with home care agencies to see if their staff will travel out to where we live. We also have to meet/greet the therapy companies.
There’s still plenty to iron out but in the meantime, Corey continues to progress, we’re not denied yet and as long as she keeps moving forward, so will I. There are still a few more hats I can pull out of the closet.

Corey I am so proud of you! I keep telling you that the outside will catch up to the inside…it’s happening. Sleep well tonight sweetie. You deserve to have all your happy dreams come true. xoxo