Hi Everyone,

Corey and I had a lot of fun tonight! When I arrived she was exhausted from the day. There was a report from her OT therapist that was very intriguing. She evidently counted 1 to 5 with her right hand with little assistance. I’m anxious to get the details as to whether or not she used each finger or repeated the gesture with her thumb. Either way, it’s outstanding that she’s following counting commands!

We chose to have an early spa night and then off to bed. After Corey was tucked in we chatted about Amelia. Last night was so warm I had the windows and doors open enjoying the summer like evening. Amelia noticed that there was a bug attracted to the interior lights. She was convinced she was going to catch this creature despite the fact it was on the opposite side of the screen! She was a circus cat! She jumped 4 feet in the air trying to swat at the flying insect. Caitlin and I laughed at what an acrobat this little cat was. I shared the details of this story with Corey and she was smiling and laughing. We also decided that I have to get Amelia a pearl collar with tag to compliment the pattern of her fur that Caitlin refers to as her “tuxedo”.

Corey and I also spent some time on face book tonight. My nephew Mark and his wife Dawn have two young boys. Jack, 4 and Evan, 2 (#3 arrives in September) Mark posts “heard in the Gessner household” which are posts of childhood quips that only young toddlers and children can say. It reminds me of the old Bill Cosby show when he used to interview the 4 and 5 year olds. We read through almost all of the Gessner boy’s statements each one brought a smile to Corey’s face. One in particular made her laugh. Evan came out into the living room wearing his striped footy pajamas. Looking down at his wardrobe selection he very proudly announced, “These ‘stwipey’ pajamas make me warm and handsome”! Corey loved it! We closed the evening watching the Phillies beat the Mets! She really had a smile on her face for that win.

Corey it is so much fun to spend time with you. You are becoming more and more interactive. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I share a story and it makes you smile or laugh. We have so much to look forward to; rediscovering something new every day. Keep it up kiddo, everything is starting to reconnect. Until tomorrow ~ Happy dreams, xoxo