Hi Everyone,

It was a gorgeous day in Pennsylvania. When I arrived this evening, Corey and I headed to the goose pond. As we sat on our favorite bench under the trees along came a momma and papa goose with four little goslings waddling behind them. Corey watched their every move. The family walked along the path right next to us and then headed into the pond for a swim. Corey and I moved to follow them. Papa goose wasn’t too happy with us and repeatedly squawked to get his point across. Corey and I were not phased as we sat a bit closer to watch the goslings.

The family crossed the pond. Momma and Papa stepped onto shore as did the three larger goslings. The littlest however struggled with the incline of the bank. That little guy kept trying. Each time he took two steps up, his little webbed foot would slip on the muddy slope and he’d slide backwards. As Corey and I watched, I narrated what I thought the little guy was “saying”. Corey got a big kick out that! The littlest gosling would keep stepping and flap its little wings trying so hard to climb what must have felt to be a mountain. Once he reached the top he turned to peck at the grass. Poor little guy over shot his reach and went face first down the bank and back into the water! Corey and I laughed. This little guy bobbed up, shook its head as if to say, ‘Wow, what just happened’? Once he gained his composure, up the bank he came with the same struggles as before. After a bit of slip and slide action, he reached the top of the bank and enjoyed a well deserved nibble of grass!

Corey and I had a lot of fun watching the geese. After the goose family left, we chatted about family and friends. Corey was not responding to a series of Yes/No questions. I asked her frankly, ‘what do you think? It’s okay to say I don’t know.’ With that, she shrugged her shoulders to agree, she was indecisive! I laughed out loud…once again a new response to try to communicate with us.

We went inside after 2 hours enjoying the evening weather. After Corey’s shower, we sat and worked on her voice (humming mostly). We also worked on learning some hand signals for sign language. One of our favorites was ‘I love you’. Thumb up, pointer finger up, pinkie up. As I was leaving this evening, I asked for my kiss goodnight. Corey turned her head, made the munching motion to try to kiss me but then she lifted her arm for what I thought was going to be a wave goodbye. Instead it was our sign…I love you!

Corey you continue to surprise me. I look forward to seeing you, spending time with you and talking with you. Your voice may be silent, but you’re “talking” loud and clear and I can hear you honey! I’m so proud of you. You are getting stronger, more alert and more aware each day. It makes me so happy! I can’t wait to see what you want to “say” to me tomorrow. Happy dreams sweetie ~ and PS – I love you too…xoxo