Hi everyone,

I’m happy to say Corey had a better day today than yesterday. Caitlin hijacked the page because I was exhausted from a very long day. PS – she is hysterical and you can count on more entries!

Corey was not feeling well the entire day yesterday. She was physically sick during meds but was also extremely tired for the better part of the day. Maybe it was the rain? Maybe it was just one of those days that her body needed to sleep? Both could be correct because today she was alert, content, and interactive and didn’t get sick all day!

She had limited therapy this weekend so we spent several hours exercising on our own. I was so pleased to see how flexible her arms and legs were. We were able to range her arms completely above her head as well as move her right leg in large circles. Her left leg was also more flexible than I have seen it in some time!

Corey working with you today, all I could think of was the word Persistence.

Persistence is the ability to keep your eye on the goal, to continue plowing ahead despite the challenges. Persistence pushes us to work our way past any obstacle. It also requires flexibility. We have dreams for you as do you! Persistence requires us to be unyielding but at the same time flexible about how to get there. Few things ever happen exactly the way we plan them. The ability to adapt is very much a part of the unrelenting persistence.

You fight everyday to regain more and more of who you were before the accident. Because of that drive, I will not stop fighting on your behalf to get you the best care possible that will help you reach the goals you’ve set. When you’re persistent about what you intend to accomplish, and flexible as to how it will happen, anything is possible.

We’re going for it kiddo…down to the wire! Happy dreams, xoxo