Hello friends, I come to you in secret. I’ve sent my mother to bed and stolen the computer so that we could have a little chat. I came home yesterday and didn’t recognize the first floor of our house. Without the efforts of our community, this transformation would never have been possible.

I’ve been brainstorming what my contribution to the fundraising efforts should be, and came up with the following list:

Disney Movie Trivia Night – Questions based on the classic animated full length features, Disney/Pixar Cooperative Films, and a selected list of the popular Disney Channel Original Movies.

Avocado Eating Contest – To take place in our local high school’s cafeteria. Please note this is event is BYOA*. Also, in an effort to ‘go green’ we will recycle the pits and host a competitive miniature bocce ball tournament immediately after.

Feng shui-athon – Participants will be put in a room where throughout the night more and more furniture is added that they must continue to rearrange. Sponsored by IKEA.

Punching Booth – Date TBA, still awaiting reply of Blue Cross Personal Choice Executive’s RSVP.

Showtune Sing-Off – No previous experience required. Featuring only the songs from the Award Winning Broadway musical (Corey’s favorite) Mama Mia! Please, sober participants only.

Lick-a-grams – Sponsored by Roxie Beattie. You send it, she’ll lick it.

Shave the Head of Your Sleeping Neighbor – Nominate a neighbor for a nominal donation and we’ll shave their head in your honor! Those nominated will received a new bowl cut, an official “Shave the Head of Your Sleeping Neighbor Fundraiser” commemorative t-shirt, and a free hug from Marie Beattie.

Half baked sale – Cookie dough sale, no oven required. HEALTH WARNING: consumption of uncooked eggs may result in food poisoning.

10/90 cash raffle – it’s almost worth your time, still better then your odds in Vegas.

Tuna Casserole Buffet Night – 95 ways to make tuna casserole. Please submit recipes before volunteering to ensure all are original, without duplicate. Light entertainment will also be provided, BYOA

Fruitcake Swap Night – To be held January, 2012. If you can’t get rid of your fruitcake, at least you can swap.

On a serious note, I’m currently planning an evening of comedy for Corey called “Laughter is the Best Medicine” as a fundraiser. I have all of the ingredients but the venue. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail helpful hints to me at caitlinbeattie@gmail.com. And please feel free to suggest a joke for the show (that means you Mr. Holden)

Thank you everyone, for all of the hard work you’ve been doing for me and my family.


*BYOA – bring your own avocado