Hi Everyone,

We had a nice night! Corey was very tired when I arrived so we sat, chatted and played on the computer. I start with the carepages and read not only her message but your notes of encouragement too. Then we move onto Facebook. Tonight, we had fun looking at the pictures especially pictures of her “baby cousins”.

It was shower night. I continue to be trained to use the Hoyer lift, shower chair as well as administrating the evening medications. I’m getting much better at the Hoyer lift but the shower chair is still rough on both Corey and I.

We closed the evening watching Bedtime Stories, the movie with Adam Sandler. When I hold Corey’s hand I typically move my thumb caressing the top of her hand. Tonight, I noticed Corey was doing the same to my hand! I looked over at her and she wasn’t watching our movie, she was actually looking at me. What an amazing gift to feel her affection and see her focused on me. My reply,”I love being with you too honey”.

Caitlin came home to visit this weekend. After I left the hospital I met her at the Holden’s and the Orlando’s joined us for Brian’s famous Friday Night Pizza! We shared great food, wine and laughter. Spending time with Caitlin and friends was exactly what I needed at the end of a long week.

Corey, Mr. Holden shared a motivational saying with me. “Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion”. He is absolutely right! Ironically, I was thinking of the Palamara motto all day, “The difficult is easy, the impossible just takes a little longer” and I not only wear your ring, I look at it’s message multiple times a day; “Nothing is Impossible”.

You know the saying…everything happens in 3’s. The moral of having these motivational quips sent in the same day means “Impossible” is not a word in our vocabulary. You are making progress everyday. Impossible represents defeat, giving up, lack of fighting and no forward movement. That’s not what you do or have been doing.
Hang in there kiddo. You’re defining the word POSSIBLE! ~ xoxo