Hi Everyone,

Today was a tough day for both Corey and I. Today I had appointments in Philly. As I walked through the city I watched all the people around me. I wondered how many people were dealing with their own challenges that no one else could see by looking at them. Many of them share their words to complain loudly about the trouble, frustration and annoyance of what they are facing. All I could think of was Corey. What must she be feeling? What is she thinking? She has a voice that no on can hear.

There are days I don’t want to listen to the outer thoughts. There are days I don’t want this to be our life. Sometimes what we want and what we have to deal with are two very different things. I was sharing with my sister that on days like today I search for words that can feed my inner voice.

The daily tasks are difficult, the road is long and the challenges are great. This is when I listen to that inner voice, the one telling me “yes, you can”; the one telling me “yes, you must”. Somewhere deep inside, my innermost thoughts know that what is best is to move ahead despite all obstacles.

Corey I’m glad we had a chance to go sit by the goose pond tonight. The weather has been beautiful and I’m looking forward to sitting on the back deck with you this summer.

I know that the last few weeks have been tough for you. I can see it in your responses when we talk. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been trying to say answering my questions with a thumb up. You shared you’re frustrated that this is taking so long. I can’t imagine the depth of what you’re feeling. You shared that you’re worried about coming home, having your friends see you and going back to school. You’re not “yourself”. This is all normal honey. You don’t have to worry. Your best friends love you even on a bad hair day. We have friends that will help us do what ever has to be done to get you to the point where you can go back to school. Don’t forget, I promised you will be cooking again!! We make a great team and it will all work out. Bottom line, this awareness of what’s going on and your concerns are really a good thing. You are aware! That awareness will continue to push you to fight harder and get stronger.

I want you to keep listening to your innermost thoughts. That voice which bellows each day is the reason you have accomplished what you have. Keep in mind honey, when you measure the challenges of this moment against the big picture of your life, this is just a detour; you can do this and get back on track again. It may seem like it’s taking a long time, but in the grand scheme of things this is temporary. You are regaining your strength so you’re ready to experience so many more wonderful opportunities. We could cook up plenty of excuses for a pity party, but that’s not what we do. Listen to that inner voice, the one that’s saying yes to life. Happy dreams, I love you, xoxo