Hi Everyone,

For those of you who DON’T know Corey that well, she has been an independent, stubborn, strong willed, persistent girl since the moment she popped out at birth!

I have been going to Parent Teacher Conferences since Pre-School…often at the request of the teachers. Here are just a few examples of ‘Corey vs. an opinion other than hers’.

In Pre-School, Corey never slept at Naptime. She didn’t want to miss anything. I would say that 4 out of 5 days she would come home in a different outfit then she was wearing when I dropped her off at school. Everyday she would have to “go to the bathroom” at naptime. More times than not, she climbed to play in the sink or look in the mirror and would inevitably fall in the toilet…hence the wardrobe changes. Corey was non stop motion and as my mother would say she’s a ‘gazinta’…she’d ga – zinta everything! She used to set the hamsters free. The teachers weren’t happy with that but were more upset when the snake and hermit crabs disappeared! Corey was smart enough to know that the clothes pin with her symbol and name on it would correlate with the activity cards chosen for her that day. If she didn’t like the activity, she’d change ALL the clothes pins.

Elementary School, Middle School and High School were no different; for instance, Algebra II…not Corey’s favorite subject. Her teacher called me once to tell me that Corey turned in a test that was not complete. When she asked Corey why she didn’t complete the answers or show her work, Corey’s response was, “we both know I don’t know the answer so why waste each other’s time?” She was a woman that knew her limitations and how to expedite her time.

Which brings me to today…I was driving between sales calls when I received a call from Corey’s case manager. She shared this week’s team report. One of the presiding comments throughout the therapists, PT/OT and Speech, was Corey seems to be refusing to cooperate this week. They recognize the difference between fatigued responses vs. deliberate choices not to respond.(I had to smile because all I could think of was Corey’s Back!)
They also reported that last weekend when I sat in on the therapy, she chose not to respond to the commands or therapy. I firmly stated, ‘Corey, stop ignoring the therapist. You are in the gym and we have an hour. You have to do what they say’…she followed each command and participated in the exercises after I scolded her. This week, she’s chosen to display her attitude while I’m not there! This week she’s saying, “My mom’s not here and you are not the boss of me”!

When I arrived tonight, Miss Corey and I had a little chat. I shared with her that I’m still having Parent Teacher conferences but this time with her case manager!

Corey you communicated with thumbs up that you’re tired of this and sometimes you just don’t want to workout. Honey, I get it! You’re allowed to get mad, but use it to show these therapists what you can do. Here’s the secret; if you do it, they’ll stop asking you! It’s hard work sweetie, I know but it’s what will help you get back on your feet and back to the life you want to live. Keep pushing kiddo. It’s okay. Remember, “Its Temporary”
Happy dreams, xoxo