Hi Everyone,

B-7, I-29, N-44, G-58, O-75…What a fun night! The Knights of Columbus of West Grove, PA dedicated a night a Bingo to benefit Corey. We had a wonderful time with a delicious dinner, lots of friends and laughter. There were many friends from our community that we haven’t seen since the accident. It was great to catch up and share Corey’s progress with them. Conversations of her recovery led to multiple stories that took us strolling down memory lane. I will have to fill Caitlin in on most of the stories shared so she can write a sequel to her last post.

Everyone asked about Corey, Caitlin and JohnPaul. They all inquired on how things are going, as well as commented that there are no words to express their compassion. The most frequent question was how are we holding up? The truth is everyday is surreal. We’re dealing with the reality of this on one hand but in many ways we’re waiting for the dream to be over.

Tomorrow is April fool’s Day. It would be just like Corey to sit up and say, “JUST KIDDING”! Actually, this is my secret wish.

Corey everyone reminds us that your recovery is in God’s time. I’m more convinced that it’s in your time! I wish you were with us tonight. I know you would have had a blast. The people that have come out to support you continue to amaze me. Everyone’s generosity is astounding. You are loved so deeply by so many Miss Corey! You keep fighting to come out of your shell. Literally, there are thousands of people that love you, are cheering for you and praying for your full recovery; nothing less kiddo. We’re going to keep working towards that end so rest well tonight…I’ll be back tomorrow!
Happy dreams, xoxo