Hi Everyone,

Corey was very bright and interactive tonight! We were working with her left leg. It’s very funny; her right leg still follows the commands I ask of the left. I thought I’d throw out some new commands to see if Corey would follow. I asked her to lift her right leg, hold it and turn her right foot in circles. She had no trouble understanding or executing the request. I asked her if she could do that with her arms too. She managed to lift both arms, turned the right hand out but no circles. It was a start…

Corey typically fixates her gaze to the right. I will deliberately sit at the bottom of the bed or on her left so she’ll look forward. She and I were looking at two new books my sister sent to us; cupcake decorating books. I would read and turn the book towards her to share the photographs. Corey would adjust her eyes to look at the book. At one point, she lifted her arm and appeared to reach for the book! She loved cupcakes, maybe she’s ready to get back in the kitchen and whip up some of her tasty treats?

We haven’t heard from the insurance company but we must be getting closer to discharge. Tonight I was told that it’s time for training. The Nurses began by teaching me how to administer Corey’s medications. This weekend I will begin training to transition her, dress her, bath her and begin to assist her with the day to day functions of life. Its official, I’m graduating from “Parent Pre-Med” to “Doctor Mom”.

One of my best friends once told me, ‘I guarantee things will change’…’I never said they’d get better, but they will change’!

Corey, change itself is neither good nor bad. It just is. The situations that are brought about by change can certainly be good, bad, or more often, a combination of both. Change in and of itself is neutral. It can be positive or oppressive; it all depends on how we respond to it and how we make use of it.

Most people don’t like change. Part of us welcomes it if we think it will make our life better. When change is challenging and risky, it will provoke emotions of fear. Change upsets the status quo and can weaken our sense of security. Both positive and negative reactions are valid. We have to remember that nothing happens without change. Things cannot get better without change. A perfect example is your medication. You are brighter, more alert and more responsive because of the change in your medications. Just think of where your progress would be if each day you weren’t making changes!

Change is opportunity. Change is inevitable. It will happen if we let it happen. It will also happen if we resist it. Opportunity does not exist without change. Though most people say they would welcome opportunity, far fewer people are open to real and substantive change. Yet to take advantage of opportunity we must be open to change. There is no other way. Real, meaningful opportunity is not a free ride. It is a challenge. A big part of the challenge is change. Opportunities are all too often portrayed as something for nothing. In reality, there is no such thing. Opportunity involves effort, and a big part of that effort comes about through change — changing our attitude, changing our perspective, changing our thinking, changing our actions.

We have to manage and respond to change so that it will work for us, rather than against us. That is how we take advantage of opportunities. Change almost always involves letting go. That takes courage, faith and confidence. You little miss, have those! You have what it takes to create the opportunities. We are so proud of you, happy dreams – xoxo