Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. When I arrived tonight, Julia told me that she gave Corey a washcloth just in case she was to get sick from her afternoon meds. She didn’t get sick but she did gag a bit and excreted some extra saliva. Julia asked Corey to wipe her mouth and she did! That’s right…she lifted her arm and wiped her mouth with one sweep of the hand. I was shocked! I had to clarify with Julia…did she wiped Corey’s mouth or did Corey wipe it without Julia’s help? It was the latter! I squealed with amazement and hugged Julia!

The Vestibular therapist worked with Corey today and they do feel Corey would benefit from this specialized therapy. The team will begin to work with her on a regular basis.

Early tomorrow morning I will meet with Corey’s case manager to get the details of this week’s team meeting, call to the insurance company and set the appointment with Dr. Long.

I’m sure it may seem odd that the simple gesture of wiping your mouth would illicit such a reaction but truthfully, the life we are living today warrants the response. In many ways, Corey is an 18 year old infant. Every piece of her life needs to be relearned. Simple movements, a smile, sitting up, holding our hand, making a sound; each is a monumental achievement. These are the signs that show her brain is reconnecting, recharging, rerouting.

Corey, I was thinking about how our lives have changed. It’s completely opposite any thought we’ve ever had. Even though our world is upside down now, try to think of what the opposite really means. The other side of discouragement is joy. The other side of a problem is a solution.

When you take the disappointments in stride and refuse to let them stop you, you work through them and it propels you forward. Look Ahead. Remember where you’re headed. Keep the ultimate goal in mind. What seem to be setbacks are actually steps along the path. Just because you might take a detour doesn’t mean you must stop. You are doing an amazing job at this. You sit and watch everything, taking everything in. It’s a matter of time until you tell everyone what you’re processing. We can’t wait until the day that you show us what you’ve been waiting to do! No pressure kiddo, but you have thousands of people ready to applaud. You deserve the ovations. We love you, xoxo