Hi Everyone,

Corey had an okay day today. She is a bit less responsive which we believe is a direct result of adding the second seizure medication to her daily dosage. Corey has also lost more weight in the last month. In addition, she seems to have continued vertigo issues. Her nurses think it may be a result of damage to the Vestibular area of the brain. I plan on speaking to the Doctor tomorrow about the combination of medications, her weight loss and our concern for the physical reaction to dizziness when ever she has a change in her position.

Therapy was ½ hour of OT and ½ hour of PT today. PT was not as productive because Corey appeared so fatigued. Lauren was her therapist but did manage to get responses to thumbs up/down and several kicks.

Rob, OT, was very happy to see Corey. Although she was still struggling with fatigue she managed to respond very well to her favorite therapist! She responded to turn your head left/right, head up, lift your leg, thumbs up/down and Rob initiated a new command…”thumbs down and rub your thumb on your finger”. I wish I could explain the rush of exhilaration when I witness a new movement from Corey! She displayed this new movement multiple times. I wonder if Rob’s wife would mind if we kidnapped him to live with us and work with Corey full time?

Honey I was watching you all day and know the effort you’re putting into listening, observing, moving and processing all the stimulation that surrounds you. I’m sure you’re wondering when things will begin to change and really begin to move forward at a quicker pace. Earlier, when we walked the halls observing the Art Gallery I thought of each of the artists that created the pieces that adorn the walls. Each piece was created by a handicapped artist. All I could think of was the artist who spent hour after hour, month after month toiling at tasks that were tedious and seemingly endless in order to create their personal masterpiece. How many of them grew weary from the labored effort?

I also thought about your brother composing one of his classical pieces. Each note was carefully arranged, each pause, each crescendo placed precisely. We watched him for over a year writing and rewriting before we heard his work of art.

The truth is the final piece is not the achievement. The real achievement is in the focused effort. The masterpiece is in the doing. You are creating your new life each day that you keep working despite your fatigue. Stay focused Corey…you’re working towards your magnificent “re-creation”! Happy dreams, xoxo